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Small Axe review and usage

A short review if an Axe.

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25 Responses to “Small Axe review and usage”

  1. kamden1980 says:

    You sir are a troll. I only had to read the 1st 5 comments thats you have made on other videos to see that.

  2. CanItAlready says:

    Curse youtube and it’s character limit.
    What I meant to say is that I’ve seen similar gripes about the misaligned head posted about much more expensive axes than this one. That’s why, apparently, it pays to look them over before buying one, much like one might do with a guitar.

  3. CanItAlready says:

    I’ll start by saying I don’t know anything about that axe other than what he’s saying about it and what is visible in the video. Next, I’d just like to say I’ve seen similar gripes about much more expensive axes than this one posted to various boards where people like to discuss and review axes.
    As for his chopping demo, why not explain to him what you think was dangerous about his technique and maybe offer some hints for safer, more effective chopping?

  4. primitiveskillsful says:

    i bought the same axe here in sweden , but de first time a used it it broke right where the handle meets the blade, just by bending a litlle bit in a log, but i like the blade a lot so i rehandle it, and now its great , really a good axe for the price of it, i gave 8 dollars for it, plus 5 dollars for a new handle. keep upp man, like your vids ,

  5. symaklon says:

    Some people are just idiots aren’t they. This may not be the best there is but that’s not what you were saying and for the price, well it’s amazing. I’d expect an axe like this to be well over £20. Good work keep it up, oh and all you haters out there leave this guy alone he knows what he’s doing you guys need to get out more.

  6. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @SensaeBushcraft Hello there, I’m all up for constructive criticism and I’d love to see a video from you to back up your statements just so I can clarify that you are not an armchair Bushcrafter or an ignorant 12 year old, so I assume that I will be getting the “Ehh I don’t have a camera excuse”? If you can show me evidence to your statements I will happily take them on board.

  7. SensaeBushcraft says:

    im sorry to burst your bubble, but that is blatantly drop forged steel, and the fact that the head doesnt align with the handle is a HUGE deal,and the grind on that blade is god awful. the video of you chopping was quite distressing, seeing as your technique was quite frankly dangerouse, but also that axe chops very poorly. the light wieght of it and that ridiculouse curved bit tells me it will not split logs well. i would only use that axe for throwing, because it has very pronouced toes.

  8. shaolinadr says:

    Omg lol it looks lik it cuts like a hammer and there is no way thats hand forged

  9. MrTomMasterVideos says:

    buy a fiskars…

  10. jladd27 says:

    so, what brand is it?

  11. BOYLOBOYLO says:

    ye man i doubht he owens the same make axe , on his youtube page he seems mad about guns so i guess hes an american twat with fuck all else to do but bitch , prob has a shitty walmart axe haha

  12. blackscarlet512 says:

    now is it good enough to hack a humans arm off?

  13. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @Slic3R1 The steel in these axes isn’t that soft for an axe, It’s around 56rc and after extensive use mine holds a great edge, To make the axe razor sharp all you need is a sharpening stone.

  14. Slic3R1 says:

    @UnlimitedBushcraft i know a lot of good cutting techniques and i could make it razor sharp but unfortunately i don’t have the right tools to do so and i really don’t feel like wasting time making it razor sharp because the steel is not so good and it’s soft compared to my other axes

  15. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @Slic3R1 If you re-profile it and learn some good cutting techniques you will find that it is a good axe.

  16. Slic3R1 says:

    @UnlimitedBushcraft no no i own the exact same one except mine isn’t black it’s gold

  17. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @Slic3R1 You clearly don’t own the same axe as me if yours is not of good quality.

  18. Slic3R1 says:

    @UnlimitedBushcraft I’m don’t camp and hike 24 hours i return when night falls and spend some time on YouTube
    “How would you know about the quality of the axe you’ve never used it” um are you really that stupid? I own the exact same one that’s how i know
    i’m not an armchair hero and i’m not hating in your video, i have nothing against you or your review i was just talking about the axe,it’s horrible

  19. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @Slic3R1 If you go hiking and camping everyday…why are you on youtube?
    This is a quality axe, this was just a test of the factory edge and since I’ve re-profiled it, it is shaving sharp, The head is positioned right but it is slightly of centre, How would you know about the quality of the axe you’ve never used it you’ve just seen a paper cutting test of the factory edge on youtube,go back to being and armchair hero and hating on other peoples videos behind the safety of your computer screen.

  20. Slic3R1 says:

    @UnlimitedBushcraf i’m embarrassed of making that mistake of buying it
    2.yes that is the worst axe i’ve ever owned in my life
    3.i go hiking and camping every day
    4.i play games when it’s raining outside and i have nothing to do
    5.YOU are going to tell me to grow up a bit? That’s hilarious
    6.You know nothing about axes at all (that is not a quality steel) and there is noting well made about this axe
    1.Cheap “steel”
    2.The head isn’t positioned right
    3.Handle is made out of soft wood

  21. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @Slic3R1 I feel sorry for you now, you are embarrassed by and axe. It’s the worst thing you’ve seen in your life? You need to get out and see life and not play video games and then upload videos about them….grow up a bit.

  22. Slic3R1 says:

    that is the worst axe i have ever had in my entire life
    it’s just so…embarrassing

  23. UnlimitedBushcraft says:

    @msjebrandon No why?

  24. msjebrandon says:

    what is this kid, 12 years old?

  25. seegurkekiller says:

    so the cheap ones aren’t always the worst^^ hope it holds long time ;)
    btw. the “GS” stands for “Geprüfte Sicherheit” wich is german for “Tested Security”


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