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Silver Fox Fire Steel

Video review of my custom made fire steel

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25 Responses to “Silver Fox Fire Steel”

  1. HikerJohn316 says:

    Great video as usual. Love the idea of the brass tube.

  2. krycer123 says:

    lol so sh1t

  3. jmg1957 says:

    peace from mississippi

  4. Spikestrip55 says:

    @murderzone1001 And you can’t even spell, it’s “presentation”…~ Where’s your informative video, “Mr. Armchair Bushcrafter”?
    Nice job Sean!

  5. Aaotrom says:

    Hopefully you didn’t spend too much on this contraption. its honestly the most impractical thing i have ever seen. its big bulky and yes you get a nice chunk of sparks but for a smaller package say at least 50x smaller you can just spend 2-3 dollars on ebay and buy a ferro rod ahahaha

  6. MrPinaka says:

    since you already know that your going to the woods, why not bring a lighter?

  7. mrsvinarich26 says:


  8. RDPproject says:

    I have seen you use one of the smaller firesteels and you didnt have any troubles with it at all….
    But with this big one you did seem to have some trouble Sean…lol
    Im just pulling ya leg mate….lol
    Did Chris also add the fur to the steel?


  9. catascouts says:

    Great! I love it!

  10. SurvivalWeekly says:

    Another great video Sean. Thanks.

  11. giutoniolo says:

    Great video as always Sean! I love the fur on the steel! Thanks for posting it mate!

  12. murderzone1001 says:

    he cant even make a presantation

  13. MrKarlalfred88 says:

    nice video seanmulhall! nice flint… has anybody seen the program man vs wild on discovery? great entertaining about survival. :)

  14. jtdrummer2112 says:

    What if you cannot find flint or are in an area where there is no flint to be found?

  15. capreolus4 says:

    allright thanks.

  16. seanmulhall says:

    Its the flint you need to keep replacing. The sharp edges of the flint scrape of small amouts of steel. One steel is going to last for years.

  17. CSSRage says:

    lol total crap

  18. capreolus4 says:

    hi,i wonder if you make fire everyday how long does one steel last .thanks.

  19. seanmulhall says:


  20. seanmulhall says:

    No it does not seem to. Its similar to wool from what I can tell.

  21. ashthegreat says:

    What happens if the spark reaches the amazing beautiful looking “Arctic fox” fur? Will it not burn? I feel upset because of the reason.

  22. fly2000jtb says:


  23. ammadillo721 says:

    dude your amance ive seen every video youve seen and ive changed from my usal rucksack to a side pack and i love it my new bag thanks soooooooooooooooooo much.

  24. seanmulhall says:

    I am not sure but will look it up. I was sent it as a gift from a friend. I believe the fur is quite old.

  25. ExON00 says:

    isn’t the arctic fox an endangered animal? It is in Norway. They are beautiful.


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