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Setting Up a Tarp with a Ridge Line – Basic Configuration & Knots

Ashley shows us how to setup a Tarp in a basic configuration using a ridge line. This method could be used to sleep on the ground or using a hammock etc. Other names for this knot include: Evenk Hitch; Evenk knot; Siberian knot; Siberian hitch; Evenk Slippery Figure of Eight Hitch. NaturalBushcraft is a non-commercial organisation of friends sharing the knowledge and skills of Bushcraft freely – – Music by Spiro

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25 Responses to “Setting Up a Tarp with a Ridge Line – Basic Configuration & Knots”

  1. scratchliquid says:

    Great vid. Nice and clear. Thanks.

  2. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @hazzathebest The shop I got mine from is no longer in business, it is a Tatonka Polycotton Tarp though which you will be able to find elsewhere. DD Hammocks also produce some good Tarps now.

    - Ashley Cawley.

  3. hazzathebest says:

    Great Video. Lookin at gettin a tarp. But the one im getting doesnt come with the cord. Where did you get yours from?

  4. beargrylls007 says:

    Great help, Thanks for showing the Knots slowly and with a good video quality.

  5. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @ortsa123 It might look a little odd on camera; but bear in mind I’m slowing everything down and manoeuvring the knot so it can be seen clearly on camera. There’s nothing wrong with tying it this way; it’s just the way I prefer to do it and it is quite efficient when you learn it; I’ve just tried… and I can tie the knot with my eyes closed in 2 seconds. – That’s good enough for me.

  6. ortsa123 says:

    I just cant understand the way you tie the evenk knot with your hand. It seems much easier to just make a loop, pass the end under and through the loop then tighten.

  7. AP0LL0edc says:

    Awesome information! Thanks for the video!!

  8. mrjason5846 says:

    Great tarp video. Thanks!

  9. ESX888 says:

    nicely done video!

  10. asheradensein says:

    Thanks a lot, man. I’m going camping this weekend and needed to know how to set up my tarp. Excellent vid!

  11. britfin007 says:

    Nice one! Keep it up.

  12. lazydogdied says:

    I’m just learning how to do this and this video helped alot! Thank you for sharing :)

  13. BushcraftOnFire says:

    Great job Ashley.. Well explained..

  14. bearpatch1 says:

    Very well done, 5***** on info & content.
    thanks JC

  15. NaturalBushcraft says:


  16. jollyrotscha says:

    great video and really good tips!!! thanks guys!!
    greetings from germany!

  17. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Tatonka Polycotton mix 3x3m Tarp, highly recommend them.

  18. bricardiff1969 says:

    what tarp are you using,thanks

  19. Diopterman says:

    Great stuff! Thank you for posting!

  20. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Other names for this knot include: Evenk Hitch; Evenk knot; Siberian knot; Siberian hitch; Evenk Slippery Figure of Eight Hitch.

  21. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Thanks, I appreciate you saying that… but something I’ve noticed whilst editing the video: I’ve got to stop saying “Ok” at the start of every scene!

  22. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Thanks bud, plenty more to come ;D

  23. NaturalBushcraft says:

    The Evenk Knot get’s its name from the Evenk people of Northern Russia who would keep herds of Reindeer and the ‘evenk knot’ is the knot they use to tie reindeer to trees. It’s quick & easy to tie and is quick release.

  24. Diatonic135 says:

    well done chaps.

  25. MaxSafeheaD says:

    great demo


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