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Scottish Wild Life

Some fo the wild life I managed to capture on film during my stay in Scotland.

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25 Responses to “Scottish Wild Life”

  1. ynnadnnyl says:

    @seanmulhall As a photographer may I suggest taking a monopod with you for filming on the run. It will help reduce camera shake considerably when you’re zoomed in at the max zoom and is much easier to carry and set up than a tripod. It much like a walking cane except you just keep your camera on it and when it’s time to shoot you just set it down and start filming. Great for action shots of animals when you don’t want to carry a tripod.

  2. Pawnbroker00 says:

    Lol.. basically all of north scotland is very hilly, only the area about the border is flat, and thats where the english language started creeping up to the wild gaelic heartlands

  3. seanmulhall says:

    Its a JVC Everio HDD.

  4. goundry07 says:

    hi sean what camara do you use ?

  5. seanmulhall says:

    Yes some parts are. some area of Scotland are known as the Highlands.

  6. kp1812 says:

    wow i take it scottish is very hilly

  7. KI4VYT says:

    Beautiful place!

  8. seanmulhall says:

    JVC Everio HDD HD

  9. seanmulhall says:

    You cannot bow hunt in the UK. You can shoot but I do not hunt. Some types of traps are legal in the uk but many are not and you need to be on private land with the land owners permission. Its not my field so its not something I feel qualified to advise you on. Check out johnjayramboIII. He is UK based and fair more knowledgeable about trapping than me.

  10. boredism07 says:

    ever do any longbow hunting? i know you can trap, gather, and probably fish but i haven’t seen any hunting

  11. georgeolik says:

    o my gosh! 64times optical zoom! thats amazing! wow what camera is it?

  12. Sunclief says:

    Thanks Sean.

  13. seanmulhall says:

    Video has 64x optical and 800x digital

  14. seanmulhall says:

    Yes I do.

  15. youcornerstorecrooks says:


  16. georgeolik says:

    sean, do you use a still camera and a seperate video camera?

  17. georgeolik says:

    how much optical zoom does your camera have?

  18. georgeolik says:

    it would have been better if the text was in a different font type because you always use that type of text

    thanks for the video

  19. paullees557104 says:

    does size matter to you.

  20. cabbage0dusk says:

    What the hell.. are you serious? Just go out of the city and there’s more in the US than any of the UK..

  21. bricardiff1969 says:

    chris your a lucky man to be living in such a great place,to practise bushcraft,all the best brian,

  22. GopanBushcraft says:

    Great as always 5/5. Im of myself in a few hours.

  23. GopanBushcraft says:

    Great as always 5/5. im of myself in a few hours. thanks a mil for sharing guys.

  24. chrissept21 says:

    no it was great man

    nice pictures too

  25. seanmulhall says:

    No we could see something moving and used the zoom on the video camera to see what it was. I didnt take my tripod so it was really hard to hold the camera steady.


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