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RED SCORPION SIX Custom RAVEN Wilderness Survival Knife WSK

New Customized RAVEN WSK’s are available in out CUSTOMIZED KNIVES SECTION. Check out the Site and get something UNIQUE and FUNCTIONAL. DAVE BECK puts it FIT, FORM and FUNCTION. We have it ALL..

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18 Responses to “RED SCORPION SIX Custom RAVEN Wilderness Survival Knife WSK”

  1. chevygearhead454 says:

    ok theres no doubt similarities between this and the tom brown tracker but people seem to hate that knife but love this one, im just curious as to what is better or worse between the two?

  2. merctp45 says:

    wats the song in the middle??

  3. NickThePumpPlaya says:

    the blade shape is for bush cutting the front is great for cutting sood and the back is good for slicing it such as wittling it and stuff. the front has a better angle wich makes it much more powerful for slicing things head on =p apply directly to the forhead!

  4. NickThePumpPlaya says:

    lol you kinda jumped on him bro some people have no knowledge of knives and just want to get into making knives like me i wanna make a tracker copy aswell custom one who knows maybe i will one day and if i do i might make a vid sounding like an idiot because im to dam lazy to research.nice vid!

  5. UltimateCap says:

    Looks awesome. Went to website. Says you’ve no plans to make any at this time.

    Hope you get back to pushing some more out.

    I don’t know why you’d stop making them.

  6. redscorpionsix says:

    The TRACKER is a copy of the original BECK WSK. I called you “KID” because of the immaturity you executed could only be from a kid. Even under your admittance you are commenting on a subject you have no knowledge of or attempted any research.
    I will answer any legitimate question. But you are just commenting to see your name and without contribution.

  7. Lillredneck says:

    Well sorrey, all I was trying to say is it looked like a copy of the Tom Brown, whitch i still have to figure out what that bladeshape is good for.
    And kid?

  8. redscorpionsix says:

    We do sell that knife in our store but it is far from the same. lol..
    You got a lot to learn kid.

  9. Lillredneck says:

    Why don’t you just sell the tom brown tracker? Same knife.

  10. redscorpionsix says:

    No UK Dealers at the moment.

  11. unscom7 says:

    Is there a UK dealer??

  12. redscorpionsix says:

    I think he wants a Dave Beck WHICH is the knife from the movie ” THE HUNTED” or at least the prop was made from it.

  13. roverseries says:

    so you want a Tom Brown tracker knife, which is he knife from “the hunted”

  14. younooobb says:

    i want it just like the knife from the hunted

  15. redscorpionsix says:

    I have never used it. There are a number of different kinds email me with the type you are talking about.

  16. GBlues1 says:

    Yeah ivory is expensive, but what about like faux ivory. YOu know fake. Still looks good, and feels good in the hand. Have you considered getting that?

  17. redscorpionsix says:

    We have not put them on as of yet. Ivory is hard to come by I would have to see what costs would be to get a large enough piece and maybe some mosaic pins.

  18. GBlues1 says:

    Hey guys. The customs, I have a question. Can you get ivory handles or even faux ivory handles on that blade? Is it offered?


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