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Primitive Spear (Pathfinder School Lesson 10)

Making the Primitive Spear. Pathfinder School Block 3 Module 2 Ex 1.

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25 Responses to “Primitive Spear (Pathfinder School Lesson 10)”

  1. KingJon95 says:

    you are one big Bubba hahahahahaha

  2. locke6206 says:

    @Griffith181 Thank you.. Yea its nothing to brag about but that is the way he wanted it done so thats the way I did it. Now I am knapping my own points for arrow shafts etc.

  3. Griffith181 says:

    @mrfireclaw English please

  4. Griffith181 says:

    @locke6206 Gotcha! A+ then for your epic spear!! lol

  5. mrfireclaw says:

    @Griffith181 yes it a lesson every should yes babies before the skill los

  6. locke6206 says:

    @Griffith181 No it doesn’t. This is not an instructional video. This video was for my instructor Dave Canterbury to show I completed the exercise as required in the Pathfinder School Training. I think some people confuse this for an instructional video instead of what it really is supposed to be.

  7. Griffith181 says:

    a primitive spear actually needs a youtube video?

  8. afterthefact15 says:

    dude i love the shirt, haha. keep the videos coming man, im a wilderness man myself and can use any information necessary.

  9. aseglkj says:

    Damn what a fat bastard

  10. DangerDad29 says:

    Can use the sharpened stick to dig up tubers and roots of various edible plants (many in North America) rather than dulling or chipping the hell out of the hawk or knife. Cant survive just off protien, body needs simple carbs to use up as well (tubers and roots). Very usefull tool.

  11. dotingdaddy1986 says:

    locke6206. im greatful for the post but just let me say that your knife technique was incorrect here. thumb on the spine is a no no. u have sacrificed power for control. and the power of a chest lever for example would have ur result with alot less work… also i was taught to harden the tip in hot ashes drawing the tip out to check progress like a smith would from a forge. other than that we appreciate all the knowledge

  12. locke6206 says:

    It is just an exercise in the Pathfinder system to get you to make a “tool” that you can use. One of the very first lessons.

  13. rocktopolas says:

    you have a fucking tamahawk whats the point of a sharpened stick?

  14. bushcraftsouth says:

    This guy was just sharing some of his work with everyone. I think it’s ok to do so since not that many people do so. I would say if someone doesn’t like what he’s doing or has a higher level of skill. Or even would like to show something more advanced..then go for it.

  15. locke6206 says:

    Ok bud no problem. .If you want to see me knap points easy enough.. That was not the purpose of this video. I am a Pathfinder Student of Dave Canterbury’s and this was an exercise in the Pathfinder School. This WAS NOT meant to be a killing tool. Just the first tool made in the Pathfinder School. If you wanted to see someone knap a point then you could be more polite about it when you ask them. Especially when you obviously do not know what you are talking about and have no vids of your own

  16. gnarvids says:

    This video sucks, everyone with common sense knows how to sharpen a strait stick.
    I want to see some knapped points or some shit this isn’t even creative at all.

  17. locke6206 says:

    You dont have to. I was just doing it to make it look nicer because I planned on keeping it a while.

  18. gopher0 says:

    why take off the bark ?
    just asking

  19. blackthorn1975 says:

    Nice t shirt and baddass accent. Great video too.

  20. JoeyMcjj says:

    I like that shirt your wearing

  21. cabelashunter363 says:

    lol i agree i like friut tho

  22. boredism07 says:

    nice. the only thing i would have done differently is to use the heavier side for the spear point. that way it makes not only a sturdy spear head but also a good projectile weapon if the occasion was to arise

  23. 5tonyvvvv says:

    yeah i know.i have a 74 inch yew bow.i also have a 60 inch osage bow.good vud man,so how u doin,iam tryin to meet women online it sucks there stuck up all over.even the fat ones think there too good and play hard to get.

  24. locke6206 says:

    The bow and arrow has been around for 40000 years plus. I believe in “Stone Age” men which were just primitive men adapting to the situation they were in. But I definitely do not believe they were “Monkey Men”.

  25. locke6206 says:

    There are many kinds of bows. The composite bow was found in Chaldea before 2500 B.C. The longbow, most commonly known as an English military weapon, required intensive training but was very efficient. The short bow, invented by the French, required little training to use properly.


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