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Personal Space Welcome and Map Drawing (Pathfinder School Lesson1)

This is my first lesson with the Pathfinder School. Block 1 Module 1 Exercise 1. Find a personal space and create a map of that personal space.

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10 Responses to “Personal Space Welcome and Map Drawing (Pathfinder School Lesson1)”

  1. 389Lee says:

    Nice video. I have started watching your videos. I like your genuine nature. I look forward to watching more. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos. 5 Stars.

  2. gimepepe says:

    thanks for the info

  3. locke6206 says:

    The personal space has to be a minimum of 100 by 100 feet. Its suggested that it be at least 5 acres to have a good selection of animals and plants in your area. You can have multiple personal spaces in order to complete your exercises in a timely manner and to eliminate travel.

  4. gimepepe says:

    Can you tell us how large this personal space has to be and what the point is. I can guess but I like to hear it from you.
    I had a personal space for years were I could swim and do my own thing. Last summer they put a asphalt road right though it it was heartbreaking.

  5. locke6206 says:

    All of my family is from Georgia. Im from another Southern State.. :)

  6. nightblade18m says:

    Keep on keeping on! Dude I thought you were in Georgia?

  7. 79outlaw says:

    Keep it up bra. Dont seat the small stuff like drawing you map with perfect detail. About the tripod , you should just lift the whole thing up instead of trying to turn it. Have a good one.

  8. ironhead41 says:

    preplanning is key to survival. good vid

  9. wolfbrother2501 says:

    you dont seem to have distance markers on your map you know like how many paces it took to get somewhere

  10. wildernessoutfitters says:

    Looks like a great place for learning!


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