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Pathfinder Bushmaster Spear Point

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25 Responses to “Pathfinder Bushmaster Spear Point”

  1. traderjoes says:

    This design reminds me strongly of the cKc Pendant knife. I think the Pendant is a bit safer because it has one sharpened edge as opposed to two. Kyley Harris makes the cKc Pendant knife in New Zealand and its really nice for my needs.

  2. csuman77 says:

    @1LRLRG Bankline can be almost anything. ie paracord (aka 550 cord), You can use a really high test fishing line also. Bank lines are called such because people fish with “bankline”. meaning they will have a main line with a bunch of small leaders with fishhooks and bait tied too it, and the main line, the Bank line is tied to the bank of the river or stream you are fishing. It’s a great way to catch a lot of fish if you are in need…

  3. Thunderhook715 says:

    nice spear head great idea

  4. blueroseyt says:

    Hay Dave, really like all your vids. here is something i’m trying out. There is almost no rock in the area I try to practice bushcraft.I’m trying to make arrow heads and spear points with hardened pine sap mixed with stuff like dung,sand,charcoal, ground bone and anything else I can find in nature. should work great in cold weather,be quick to make,can be sharpend and only needs to work one time.damaged points can be remelted.cast or molded right on the shaft.give it a try.

  5. 408bayareakid says:

    Yo my nigga when u going to come out with new dual survival hit me up anyone

  6. wildernessoutfitters says:

    @1LRLRG thepathfinderschoolllc

  7. wildernessoutfitters says:

    @puppetmaster6483 Blind Horse Knives

  8. 82f150 says:

    hey nice choice of steel for the spear point. im a machinest so im around alot of different steels. 01 makes a damn good knife. whats the hardness of the point?

  9. millertimedavid74 says:

    your show is the shit man, keep it going!

  10. DreamsCatcher101 says:

    @1LRLRG Looks like para cord.

  11. 1LRLRG says:

    Love the videos. You and others keep mentioning bank line??? I’m up in Canada and have never heard of this? What exactly is it, and where can you get it. Thanks

  12. puppetmaster6483 says:

    this is going to sound silly. But i recently become, quite interested in your videos. But how do i go about buying one of these spear heads?

  13. drail9884 says:


  14. 3runAllen says:

    would definitely buy that knife

  15. trailfoxbushcraft says:

    That’s a nice looking spear head. I would like to see what it would look like attached to the pathfinder knife sheath with a kydex add on. I also likes the use of scales to show the spear head. That’s clever.

  16. 2KARGARAGE says:

    N e more dual survival?? I luv that show!!

  17. TrackerJak says:

    @wildernessoutfitters are you still out filming dual survival?

  18. ratlefty says:

    Well I look forward to seeing this used

  19. wildernessoutfitters says:

    @ratlefty No way bro, this is a big game killing spearpoint, a knife is too narrow to be used as a spear tip in most cases for bigg’ens like large hogs.

  20. wildernessoutfitters says:

    @captaingnome It actually fits in the PF Sheath as is, I will do a vid tomorow bro

  21. Bobster986 says:

    Hey Dave, Thanks so much for all your unselfishness, and seemingly tireless hours put into each video you produce. I enjoy each and every one, and look forward to the next Bushmaster techniques you will share. And if needed, I know my new and highly appreciated knowledge, will help and protect me or my loved ones in a survival, wilderness situation. I wish you and yours the best of luck in the new year ahead. ROCK ON!

  22. FixedByDoc says:

    cool. i have something similar but yours is bigger and better. would love to have it just to play around with.

  23. stymye says:

    @bh28901….. DUAL

  24. FalseShadowx says:

    @wildernessoutfitters I imagine you could kill a pig with just about anything if were held down by dogs… That being said this idea looks interesting. I love tools that are packable, multi-purpose and well made, and this one seems to fit all of these criteria. If I were in the market for a neck knife I would look hard at this one. Keep making and showing us all how to make usable stuff Dave, it really helps out. I need to figure out which 7×7 tarp to buy now lol.

  25. klumsykid89 says:

    @waxmastawes and new brunswick!!


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