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Off the Grid with Les Stroud

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In 2003, one massive power outage put most of the Eastern Seaboard – more than 50 million people – into a complete blackout, affecting the water supply, transportation, communication and causing widespread looting. A hig… More >>

Off the Grid with Les Stroud

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2 Responses to “Off the Grid with Les Stroud”

  1. Really enjoyed this DVD.. whether you’re a Les Stroud fan or not… who cares? I LOVED IT!

    “Little House on the Prairie” in “REAL LIFE!”
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Todd Bradley says:

    I first learned of Les Stroud through his TV program “Survivorman” which I really enjoyed. When I read that he produced this documentary, “Off the Grid,” about his family’s efforts to move into the Canadian wilderness and generate their own power, I decided I had to buy it. The show is down-to-earth but really lacks much of a story. It’s like Les didn’t quite finish it, and the film suddenly ends before the real end of the story.

    To tell a more complete story, he should have done more planning and gone into more details about his family’s surroundings and life in the city, first. He should have also given a little more of the background of the area where they decided to move. For instance, watching the DVD, we’re led to believe he bought this property without any idea of whether there was usable well water.

    The family’s efforts to build a home in the forest had several setbacks, but it seemed like as soon as they had the house functioning, suddenly the credits appeared and the documentary was finished. What happened next? Was it everything they wanted? Did they ever sell off their city house and live only in the cabin? And what about their children? Did they find other kids to spend time with, or are they growing up knowing only each other?

    I got the feeling that Les shot a bunch of footage with a general idea in mind, and then had some deadline he rushed to meet and quickly edited what he had into something resembling a story. But it’s missing important parts before, during, and after their move off the grid.
    Rating: 3 / 5


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