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Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft

Salt: Seawater works as well, Honey lasts for ever good for emergency preparedness, Cranberries are great for you health as well and Garlics properties have documented for years.

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25 Responses to “Natures First aid kit: Wilderness survival skills, Bushcraft”

  1. Carnuss says:

    What if the flies were on sh*t before and then you let them on your wound, would it not get infected?

  2. Nebulax123 says:

    Maggots do in point of fact work. They have worked not just since ww1 but for centuries. If you are going to make a comment at least research it first. Google is a wonderful tool, use it and you won’t sound as though you thought skipping high school was a good thing to do. I would encourage you to check wikipedia it has an excellent article on maggot debridement therapy (MDT then get back to me on how stupid this method is.

  3. erashadow says:

    is it possible to use onions to replace garlic? and does it work on large wounds that need stitches?

  4. mwillblade says:

    You didn’t mention to get rid of maggots you flush them out with fresh urine .

  5. MrAudacia says:

    only usefull bit in this video was the garlic. ever heard the expression fly on shit? think about this for a moment… yes. maggots eat dying flesh and will clean a wound. but you dont want a fly which fyi you retard likely carrys more bacteria etc than you want to enter a wound because its likely just come from a big pile of bear shit. go eat some god damn tofu, your clearly lacking a few key enzymes for critical brain function.

  6. Linker0x0 says:

    @MrMuddy17 You are the Stupid for Call her that way without search the Info, that method was discoverd in the WW1 and is very Efective, and now there are Farms to grow the maggots..

    tu Eres el Estupido por hacer ese comentario sin buscar la info en un metodo descubierto en la Primera guerra Mundia entre las Lineas britanicas cuando los soldados no eran atentidos en sus heridas, y ahora hay incluso tipo de granjas para criarlas..!

  7. MrMuddy17 says:

    Maggots are you kidding?!! Thats got to be one of the most supidest things i have ever heard. Who is teaching you this crap??

  8. agun17 says:

    saliva has some sort of painkiller.

    just dont swallow… specially in you are sucking poison out of the wound.

  9. AnubisThantosKK says:

    No, These little bugger eat the infections.. they wont transmit.. There unborn flies… Now a normal cut.. no keep them away,.. but if you get an infection.. then you start looking for a possibility. In USA and Canada and most parts your only stuck for 24/72 hours so this shouldnt really be an issue.

  10. 122333nic says:

    @AnubisThantosKK What if the maggots had been crawling in shit or something and you didn’t know it. Wouldn’t that just create another infection? Just for my curiousity, how long would you have to keep the maggots in your cut.

  11. AnubisThantosKK says:

    @122333nic Read up on the technique its old as all hell and still used today on some rare instances. It’s a proven process.. This is more to prevent or assist in Gangreen or however you spell it.. The maggots only eat the dead flesh or close to it.. so it stops the infection from spreading. Maggots or loose your limb, yeah I’d trust the ugly little buggers.

  12. M3T4LSTORM says:

    Maggots can do that and do that fantastically. However when flies happily stroll arround a wound (and poop in them) you can get extremely sick, with mosquito’s flies are among the top spreaders of diseases in the world.
    Only when you have no choice at all it might be a good idea, and only when wounds start to rotten.

  13. mitchellteeters says:

    you could also use garlic as a form of preventative first aid from bugs. if it repels them, you will be less likely to be bit! not exactly on topic but it’s an idea!

  14. 122333nic says:

    I still wouldn’t trust maggots to save my life.

  15. bushcraftstudent says:

    It is a living organisam that society has put a stigma to. would do it at a do it at a drop of a hat? No. When real need occurred, yes I would. there odour would make me puke but I would.

  16. 122333nic says:

    @bushcraftstudent But if you had a cut that had a possibility of being infected would you trust maggots to treat it. A working method or not, would you trust maggots to save your life.

  17. bushcraftstudent says:

    the info s spot on. I readabout a case yrs ago where a man had a huge wound infected an cvered in maggots. when what passed for modern medicine then (it was late to early 18/19 hundreds) the man died shortly after. the wound had maggots for a few weeks and he lived. cleaned the wound out and infection killed him

  18. 122333nic says:

    Whether it works or not, I wouldn’t throw maggots in my cut. It seems like your info has been right most of the time, but maggots aren’t something that many people would trust. Survival or not.

  19. Rasenkrieger says:

    not specific enough.

  20. fatpius says:

    link is not in sidebar. thanks.

  21. Jimmmyj730 says:

    how about yarrow or pine?

  22. paperas24 says:

    eating charcoal to from non poisonous plants. I really like your videos survivorwoman! :)

  23. BushCraftBums says:

    Is that a wedding ring?? you;re breakingmy heart…. Just kidding.. Good stuff…
    but for the fols that don;t know better if you scrape your knee or get a mora nip on your thumb Don;t be throwing maggots on it.. That is for real injuries where you run the risk of obtaining a massive infection in if you are miles and days away from a hospital.. also brekaing open a beehive might be more dangerous than the original injury..Just a thought..Great vid… 5/5

  24. mrjason5846 says:

    great videos guys!!

  25. bwardecker says:

    pack a wound with sugar works too


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