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“NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 2 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF)

SUBSCRIBE! CONNECT WITH US: WEBSITE MYSPACE http TWITTER FACEBOOK Brian tears through the wilds of Southeast Michigan teaching us how to survive. Man vs. Wild spoof Director: Randen Syjut Directors of Photography: Randen Syjut and Joel Johnson Producer: Brian McShane

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17 Responses to ““NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 2 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF)”

  1. chaserwarz says:

    @brianrandentv aww ok awesome! i look forward to them, and you guys deserve alot more views this vid should be virul!

  2. brianrandentv says:

    @chaserwarz oh yeas there will be many more.

  3. chaserwarz says:

    i love these series! are you going to make more, i’ve watched them all atleast 3 times.

  4. hartofalaska says:

    A little better filming, but not half as funny as Zack036051′s spoof!

  5. joe151sgc says:

    Very funny. You should do a nude thing like Bear does. you know shuck off those pants and shirt and show us your hot little butt and that sexy hairy chest!

  6. humanage2 says:

    Brian should go into the city next.

  7. KrizleyKrislo says:

    Way to do the giraffe impression on the only poisonous tree in the area…

  8. Eagle64226 says:

    ooooh im chinese… lol

  9. tymematsuda1 says:

    How did those leaves taste? Say hi to Mufasa for me.

  10. tymematsuda1 says:

    @caponeZR This rules! so shut up. >>.>>

  11. caponeZR says:

    this… sucks..

  12. BBmovieguy says:

    love the pride rock bit

  13. ralphhersheljunior says:

    the glacier comes barreling down at the slowest of speeds


  14. MrBrittanyJean says:

    This…is not corn. Hahaha.

  15. theoceansmiles says:

    i love the giraffe impression :D

  16. dlysz says:

    Have you ever seen the movie Tremors? hahaha!

  17. CRDProductionz says:



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