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“NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 1 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF)

SUBSCRIBE! CONNECT WITH US: WEBSITE MYSPACE http TWITTER FACEBOOK Brian tears through the wilds of Southeast Michigan teaching us how to survive. Man vs. Wild spoof Director: Randen Syjut Directors of Photography: Randen Syjut and Joel Johnson Producer: Brian McShane

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18 Responses to ““NATURE CALLED, I ANSWERED” Brian The Adventurer Episode One: Part 1 (MAN VS. WILD SPOOF)”

  1. jackfoxxy says:

    I’mma’ sneak through here like a toiga’.

  2. MrMattyg143 says:

    this deserves way more views

  3. EMILY0HILL says:

    3:15 – 3:23 hahaha

  4. klaudyw3 says:

    well actually it sounds irish but who cares :D

  5. xxFrozenintime says:

    I see some fish 8D

  6. fedemonsalve says:

    british accent fail

  7. humanage2 says:

    This is way better than Man vs Wild!

  8. thejamrock05 says:

    your a bitch

  9. ahnikaleroy says:

    lol u guys are cool!!!!!!!!

  10. MattyMcCritic says:

    Outstanding survival achievements! and you say vitamins perfectly …that stood out for some reason

  11. Cheyennegotalent says:

    “Secondly, you can throw bodies off the top. And they just roll away and you dont have to deal with them anymore.” I LOVE THIS lol

  12. ice788 says:

    Where’s the endless “but if you have to, you can drink your own pee” and the cliche’ backflip into water from an unreasonable height, and swimming when you could just as easily walk around the body of water?

  13. wildwestcomedy1 says:

    maybe a tretcherous visit to the toilet
    nice shirt!

  14. music19rockz says:

    without them i fall victim 2 a spider… or a monkey… maybe a spider-monkey

    hee hee

  15. kazidelicious says:

    hahaha tretcherous michigan haha just go find a corn field and your good.

  16. Soccer7teens says:

    Bear is the best unlike your mother

  17. dlysz says:

    “putting my skills to the riggers” hahahaha, classic McShane.

  18. 209763836746 says:

    bear grylls is a bitch. lol


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