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Must Have Survival Gear For The Outdoors

If you love the wilderness, then you should already know how unexpected being there can be. Regardless of whether you love wilderness survival or simply wish to be ready if worse comes to worst, an essential thing you need to consider would be your survival gear for the outdoors. In terms of survival and safety, owning the right gear could make a big difference, and some preparation could go a long way. Here are some things you will require before heading into the wild:

First and foremost, think about the bare necessities: backpacking gear. It has to be able to withstand tons of abuse and has to be lightweight. Reliability is essential, so take time off to research on the top backpacking gear out there and buy it if it is within your budget.

Tents have to be comfortable, lightweight and sturdy, and easy to pitch. Before going on any trip, practice pitching it several times in an array of various situations you could encounter during the trip. This wouldn’t be something you’d wish to learn in emergency situations. Hang out your tent before going on any trip, take good care of its zippers since they tend to be week and dry out its pegs and poles thoroughly after each time you use it.tent

Your sleeping bag will highly depend on personal situation and preference. Mummy sleeping bags would be ideal for general use, warmth and weight efficiency. They happen to be wider on top and get narrower towards the bottom, getting rid of empty air which could get cold. Rectangular bags happen to be more comfortable, though, because they are roomier in nature. If you plan on coming in the winter or during the fall, keep in mind to get sleeping bags with hoods that can be zip closed to conserve body heat.

Backpacks are also highly essential since it will be used to carry your gear. Daypacks exist; they don’t have a lot of room, but are ideal for shorter trips. Those with external frames come with tons of space for things to get lashed on to and they can slightly carry the pack off the body to give you sufficient ventilation, while those with internal frames come with less space. However, they are ideal for hikers and mountain people.

Keep in mind that first aid kits are essential in the wilderness. Ensure that it comes with an understandable manual, and bandages for blisters, sprains and wounds. On that note, keep in mind to bring antiseptics and painkillers in containers that are waterproof, and ensure they aren’t expired. Other tools for first include razor blades and tweezers.

Although going into the wild is definitely exhilarating, it is still important to always be prepared.

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