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Mora Neck/Harness Knife Kit

Mora knife kit that can be carried around neck or in a shoulder harness. Many thanks to Colhane, and Sgt Mike

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25 Responses to “Mora Neck/Harness Knife Kit”

  1. clovermoua says:

    @tfisher808 can you make a vid on how to make the shoulder / leather strap you have on your body.

  2. clovermoua says:

    I would like to see a video on how to make the kydex sheath you have there.

  3. snedisdead says:

    I like the kit but would love to see a vid on the making of your sheath.

  4. MrSquidButt says:

    So do you use this as a neck knife?

  5. CanItAlready says:

    Cool. Thanks for the link to the site with the homemade merc harness. I’ve been curious about those, but can’t bring myself to pay for a pre-made harness made of paracord.

  6. CanItAlready says:

    Gah. Not so much as a ceramic rod to touch up the blade? That would make me jittery.

  7. CanItAlready says:

    Google ‘em. They’re cheap, but sturdy.

  8. wulfesinger67 says:

    @alexpoz09 the heavy blue and white ones are ive used them both to line leather seaths for extra blow out protection

  9. alexpoz09 says:

    @wulfesinger67 is it really used in barrles i just cut a 55 gallon barrle up and was thinking of heating it up and rolling it out so its thin and plyable

  10. wulfesinger67 says:

    @Ddubya77 they r inexpensive and very sharp and last well

  11. wulfesinger67 says:

    @Caveman0713 kydex is used in plastic barrels and trash cans if you want cheap and fast
    the heavier the better also some tool boxes

  12. Caveman0713 says:

    Firstly, like your vid and I like your kit. Where could I get some kydex and how did you make it.Idea* make a how to. I liked the vid but I heard your hooks rattling while it was all still together, not quite so quiet lol Also(this is your kit do what you want but) I wouldn’t put my water purification tabs in the middle of a roll of duct tape.And I hope you fishing line isnt the kind with memory because it tends to get tangled up easier. Just a little constructive criticism, good kit all and all

  13. Ddubya77 says:

    @tfisher808 What is with Mora knives? I see that all the survival/bushcraft guys use them.. Just wondering.. Thanks!

  14. Ccoach55 says:

    great kit, but i dont think that was silent when you were shaking it.

  15. bearpatch1 says:

    Ted, 5/5* solid neck kit alot of thought and basic and simple.
    great job on kydex, thanks—JC

  16. Unehrbar says:

    Nice Video Ted !
    ***** Stars

  17. InTheSticks1881 says:


  18. tfisher808 says:

    Thanks to all

  19. faolbushcraft says:

    I like that pencil lead holder being used for your small stuff. That is a great idea. I have a couple of those laying around myself.

    Good video.

  20. milotist says:

    hey buddy thats incredible i luv your vid and your work

  21. jmellady says:

    You’ve put together a pretty nice little kit. Small, but not so small that you’ve skimped on essentials. I see a lot of people trying to fit their “survival” kit in an Altoids tin. While it’s better than nothing, it’s not much better than nothing.

  22. AnSaoiste says:

    thats a fine kit

  23. easternbushman says:


  24. raysteer says:

    Great ideas.

  25. tfisher808 says:

    Thanks for your support


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