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Maxpedition RolyPoly Dump Pouch Product Review

A product review of the Maxpedition Roly Poly Dump Pouch

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19 Responses to “Maxpedition RolyPoly Dump Pouch Product Review”

  1. seanmulhall says:

    It does sort of. Its not water proof but water resistant. There is a small hole in the bottom which you need to plug with a stick. I have a video showing this. Look for the one about a sink.

  2. RippinRider555 says:

    does the pouch hold water??? for example if I wanted to fill the pouch with water from a stream and poor the water on my camp fire????

  3. seanmulhall says:

    The T shirt is made by TOG24. As fot the leather watch band its one I made using the leather from the heel of an old pair of boots. I am due to make a new one as this is is about 7 years old and could do with being replaced.

  4. mysticalwoodsman says:

    What kind of shirt are you wearing? Looks interesting. :o )

    Also, not to sound retarded, but what kind of (leather?) watch band is that?

    ThanX :o )

  5. seanmulhall says:

    Yes it can with room to spare.

  6. seanmulhall says:

    Its the coronet from a red deer antler. Its the largest one I have ever seen and was given to me as a gift, so I made it into a belt buckle.

  7. calamotyproductions says:

    what is that on the front of your belt

  8. seanmulhall says:

    Yes easily. It will wobble about when you walk though.

  9. gingerscout says:

    can the rolly polly hold a cusader cup, water bottle, mug and the cusader cooking unit

  10. ammadillo721 says:

    how much does it cost

  11. hoosierarcher says:

    Looks like something that would be great for foraging and especially berry picking or mushroom hunting.

  12. bandcookie88 says:

    since you might have trouble just typing in a product search.

  13. bandcookie88 says:


    or #0207 if you’re on maxpedition web cite, just to help find it easier

  14. civildisorder44 says:

    love it! i gotta 1

  15. seanmulhall says:

    It would be nice. Maybe one day.

  16. seanmulhall says:

    4 at moment but have seen some others that I have my eye on.

  17. georgeolik says:

    how many packs have you got ?

  18. tetsubo57 says:

    Maxpedition really ought to pay you. :)

  19. GopanBushcraft says:

    Good review i love that pouch 5/5
    Thanks again!


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