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Maxpedition M4 Waistpack Product Review

A product review of the Maxpedition M4

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24 Responses to “Maxpedition M4 Waistpack Product Review”

  1. drumjitsu says:

    I have the M5 pouch and the usgi cup and canteen. I push the drawstring liner down in the pouch then put the cup and canteen in than roll up the lid and tuck it behind the canteen, the attach the strap. I have no problem removing the cup and canteen.

  2. seanmulhall says:

    Thanks for that tip. I have just been given one of those cups so will try it out. Thanks again.

  3. GlockAnimal says:

    Its met for the USGI Canteen cup thats why your euro cup doesnt quite fit as well. Just so ya know the two cups are a little differnt size. not much but are some difference.

  4. mountainman1996 says:

    i like that pack, nice vid!

  5. seanmulhall says:

    Great idea. I have some hyperlast which is hot air balloon material. I will make something and see if it works. Thanks.

  6. jruusu says:

    How about making a pouch to fit the crusader cup and canteen out of some thin, slippery fabric? Kit goes into pouch, pouch goes into the M4; would make it easier to get the cup from the bottom by just pulling out the pouch? Just a thought..

  7. hands945 says:

    what a loed of shite mate, get an old 58 mag pounch does the same job

  8. defaultuser11433 says:

    yep nice vid. sound is a bit low.

  9. hamm336 says:

    another great video, but please turn up your Volume when you recorded. it is very hard to hear you.

  10. garystorey says:

    I’m sure it is good gear, I’ve just found Maxpedition products to be over priced for what they are and refuse to pay extra for a name. You can get the same build quality that will last a lifetime from army surplus systems such as plce or molle for a fraction of the price.

  11. chulo113 says:

    You just made a very blanket statement. fashion over function? really. Maxpedtition is hardcore, i’m sorry you don’t appreciate some good gear.

  12. garystorey says:

    why is that lame ? at least give a reason

  13. chulo113 says:


  14. garystorey says:

    I agree , I think it’s more fashion over function.I still use the British PLCE system , it can be modified for any circumstance or eventuality , is light , very cheap and very durable. I wont trade it in any time soon.

  15. wildernessurvival says:

    whats up with everyone getting maxpaditon?? i mean its good gear but like when did it all happen? :0

  16. MrNishi says:

    I just put the water bottle upside down with the plastic cup at the bottom and my crusader cup on the top, 58″ water bottles with a good rubber inner seal hasnt leaked yet on me, great reveiws by the way Sean, keep em coming.

  17. INGRAM0009 says:

    The cup doesn’t fit…

  18. eme71489 says:

    I don’t understand why maxpedition just doesn’t redesign it already. I would buy it if they did.

  19. LooseLatitude says:

    It’s not going to matter how much the fabric gives in the future. It’s always going to be a pain to get that cup out. That’s just how it is I guess.

    I found the easiest way to get the cup out is to go around the cup yanking the lip up little by little.

  20. seanmulhall says:

    Unfortunately the plastic one does not fit properly on the bottom. It was designed to fit on the top.

  21. flamedrag18 says:

    i think you should have the plastic one on the bottom, seems it it would work better?

  22. q1qeu says:

    i checked the prices and no, its not a bargain, its a bit cheaper due to the lower tax i guess, but the shipping fee will “eat this” if you only want a single product. grrr
    are you guys millionairs? *g* just kidding

  23. godsend420 says:

    it does seem easier for the main pouch then the last time you tried it

  24. q1qeu says:

    really, maxpedition stuff must be very rugged if you can put the cup in and get it out like that for weeks without tearing it apart!
    too bad the little m4 is almost as expensive here as the proteus is in the US.. we get ripped off in Germany :-(
    i’ll have to check out prices in the UK, the pound is weak enough… or Poland, or…
    nice review, once again, good work, Sean!


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