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Man vs. Wild/Bear Grylls spoof part 2

Bear Grylls is back for round 2! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild/Bear Grylls spoof part 2”

  1. HamsterDance7ime says:

    mac all the way

  2. HamsterDance7ime says:


  3. jrobfilms1 says:

    @HamsterDance7ime FInal Cut express

  4. HamsterDance7ime says:

    what program did you use

  5. MelbourneUrbex says:

    Why does everyone who does a Bear Grylls parody put on an Australian accent?.. He’s from the UK

  6. ElGuilex says:

    OMG! best one of all the other parody’s, great outfit xD

  7. cozzilin says:

    I found this very amusing. Very good Look alike 5/5 stars! Cheers

  8. Astharot90 says:

    are you the real Bera???

  9. LoLiTAiMmaFReAka says:

    It’s the same guy @elitesvsbeanies

  10. 34Claw34 says:

    Where did yall make this at?

  11. 34Claw34 says:

    Where did yall make this at?

  12. 34Claw34 says:

    Where did yall make this at?

  13. 34Claw34 says:

    where did yall do this at?

  14. ChainsmokingPothead says:

    gonna go east and he goes west

  15. 64igeR says:

    hahaahahahaa thats perfect

  16. jrobfilms1 says:

    @elitesvsbeanies Different guy than who?

  17. jrobfilms1 says:


  18. KevColucci says:

    5 30 :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:

  19. elitesvsbeanies says:

    that’s a diffrent guy

  20. RentHead112 says:

    lol “but they still died”

  21. ykgohil says:

    LMAO. Mate ur awesome. its so hilarious.

  22. xibeafoolx says:

    hahahaha LOLZ XD 2:40 hahaha so funy! your like fun!!!

  23. TheMusickmixer says:

    OMG! You are hilarious. GREAT JOB!

  24. warkillspeople says:

    “I’m gonna go east.” LOL
    Great camera work!

  25. welshlegend09 says:

    loved the wild soda part i was pissing myself at tha part


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