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Man vs Wild the Video Game

EDIT: Sorry about the last video of this, it cut off in the middle of trailer, and i fixed the error so enjoy! Here is one of those games where you think: “I wonder how this game will go?….” Man Vs Wild is a great show i have to say, and Bear Grylls makes it pretty interesting, and from my point in this E3 announcement of Man Vs Wild the video game would have to be that its not a bad idea, just hope it goes well when the game comes out :P So without further or due, hope you enjoy, and of coarse: *CREDIT GOES TO GAMETRAILERS FOR LETTING ME UPLOAD THIS VIDEO*

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25 Responses to “Man vs Wild the Video Game”

  1. nuno1f says:

    I wonder what kind of cheats will the hackers create for this game :)

  2. crixuss18 says:


  3. NedimIOT says:

    The video of this game were done very early in the production. Anyone saying this game looks like a PS2 game has no idea how the production line of games works. By the time it’s released probably everything you see will be redone.

  4. Workworktime says:

    it doesn’t look bad, idiots, are we even watching the same video?

  5. Cervclash says:

    @ManosOfTerra maybe you’re looking at HD footage of the show itself bro,because those graphics look terrible to me and I’m not one of those graphic types but I know something’s wrong when it looks like a PS2 game :|

  6. patr3ck says:

    @TIEclon Let’s see. PSX, PS3, PSN, Wii, XBOX360, Discovery Channel, Crave Games, nope. No PC. Hope they port it tho’.

  7. TIEclon says:

    It’s not for PC, is it?

  8. laurence265 says:

    pee+protein=super saiyan

  9. therancher1 says:

    @Arieller911 yep :)

  10. ZariFkun says:

    Imma get as much PROTEIN i could! :D

  11. MissMayFleur says:

    Ironic that it talks all about pushing yourself to the limit and to be like Bear, but um …I don’t think he really plays video games that much, cause he actually gets out there and does stuff. Sort of like the BCF ad. He’s like the epitomy of not a poser, being marketed to a bunch of posers.
    This is Josh, on the weekend he fights dragons with a mouse…That aint livin Josh! This is livin!
    I still want it though,,,,,lol!

  12. REsidentVille says:

    meh, maybe it will be like fallout 3 without guns and mutants, only roaches, animals and jumping. especially hunger factor.

  13. MeteoR6930 says:

    will there be a pc version?

  14. Arieller911 says:

    will i be able to drink my own pee?

  15. billtheman100 says:

    comming this fall for ATARI

  16. billtheman100 says:


  17. DamienSilverbullet says:

    @Comodovaran ehm.. yeah cause Farmville you have to install on the computor and also it’s got a lot to do with survival techniques that is good to know. That’s just why I played Farmville back then. No sarcasm intended.

  18. Ubernet67 says:

    @K0vathorst HELL YES.

  19. Ubernet67 says:

    @ManosOfTerra Back then people cared about making games FUN. Today they only care about graphics. It’s a shame, really ;(

  20. Ubernet67 says:

    @omglookacowyay yeah, same here man. Besides its pre-alpha build, the graphics will improve!

  21. ianjary123 says:

    i hope they have the gaphics up to scratch when it comes out but nothing will stop mr getting it

  22. dracar110 says:

    is it coming out in the uk

  23. dracar110 says:

    is it coming out in the uk plz answer

  24. Skaterdude518 says:

    It already exists. its called minecraft :)

  25. 27micheal says:

    yes bout time :D


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