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Man vs. Wild: Stockton, CA (spoof) – Part 1

This is a project I did for school. Basically I am Bear Grylls, but instead of treking through the wilderness I show you how to survive in one of our country’s stinkiest armpit cities: Stockton, CA. Enjoy…

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild: Stockton, CA (spoof) – Part 1”

  1. aliciahasayout00b says:

    ohh my gawd the cat xP

  2. RetroZombieee says:

    God damn it Stockton YOU give me shame. I wish half of the people in it died.

  3. KodaBear01 says:

    My god father was a cop there………. then his cop car got shot at with over 200 rounds, with alot of them hitting on the car and one of them going through his cop hat inches from his head…….. he moved away after that xD

  4. KodaBear01 says:

    I am gonna have to move there when my gf goes to uop, As long as you don’t cross the train tracks your good, but still, it’s a poop hole.

  5. cutie209ful says:

    Wow they make stockton seem like a piece of crap it’s not if yuh live it freaking right yuh morons ! Yeah if yuhr lazy and dnt have a job that will support you and yuh’re fam. and will keep yu living in the streets then yeah it’s bad buht becuz of your self !!!

  6. TheNumberSEvan7 says:

    Basil vs Wild is better. But YouTube claimed it too be too funny and removed the sound.

  7. sillyboy61 says:

    west 5th street i used to live there… 441 west 5th

  8. eternalgracenote says:

    I lived in Stockton my entire life and it’s a fucking shithole. Anyone who is proud of that is a goddamn bottomfeeder. So glad I got out of there.

  9. JimmyPage968 says:

    I’m so glad i moved away from there.

  10. DANGEROUSchicka says:

    @zxcvand You are what makes towns shit…..douche

  11. DANGEROUSchicka says:

    hahahahaha fukn awesome

  12. sustainablehome says:

    OMG! This is priceless! LOL!

  13. skribblezallover says:

    Im from Stockton. Its not actually that bad, most of the gangsters are fake and other than that we’ve just got Justin Beiber wannabes. Even though I’m getting the fuck out of here as soon as I can, we’re still pretty bad ass:)
    And that check cashing place in the beginning is right by my house rofl.

  14. Alexpi101 says:

    Swimming in the delta’s bad enough, no amount of money could make me drink that stuff.

  15. MistGFX says:

    Shit drive a BMW 745i ive never been car jacked

  16. mtsonetbe says:

    i hope you didnt drink that water, i took a major duece in that river while fishing. it wasnt a pretty sight

  17. bertdorf4 says:

    @julianz209 IB program,

  18. babydoll209x3 says:

    ahahahahahha halarious!!!!!!!! lol

  19. zxcvand says:

    bear grylls becareful out hereeeeee

  20. zxcvand says:

    your a bitch for talkin shit on my city with your piece of shit project if i seen you get your wig split bitch . and your stupid ass jumped in thaat nasty ass fountain by tha movies dumbfuk hella bums piss n wash n that hahaa serves your dumass rite bitch go back to you hik ass garbage city with your piece of shit ass dont get dumpd in dat levi

  21. julianz209 says:

    @bertdorf4 then y u go to franklin if u live in countryclub i live there 2 and i go t stagG

  22. julianz209 says:

    @reactor215 what high did u go to?

  23. anahi377 says:


  24. m1k3y0011 says:

    he really jumped out of his car and got wet..hahahhaa

  25. ThrilloVanHouten says:

    @978pac1 Well, Stockton’s pretty big, so really there’s plenty of places in it which are pretty nice. And others which look crappy, like most of south Stockton, where I’m originally from. But don’t let appearances fool you: once my family moved to the “upscale” north side we experienced about 2 car or house burglaries a year, whereas we only experienced 1 in the entire 14 years when we lived in the south, and that was merely a joyride with no serious harm done to the car.


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