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This is a spoof on the popular show man vs wild. If you havent seen the show or are confused about what this video is about, check out this video and you will be filled in :D Follow me on TWITTER!! Friend me on FACEBOOK!! IF YOUR STILL READING THIS, COMMENT THIS VIDEO SAYING “CHEESY FINGERS!!!” man vs wild spoof parody bear grylls dude nigahiga the desert Worst Case Scenario fake phony full episodes season survivor survival fail will ferrell interview australia china africa north africa manvswild versus wife larva camel piranha discovery channel forskitsandgiggles funny viral videos sketch comedy wildlife

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25 Responses to “MAN VS WILD SPOOF”

  1. DeadContact says:

    I’m Bear Grylls, I’m in Ling Zang Lang Bang Dang Lang Africa.
    0:07 watching over and over lol

  2. ShemaEmir says:

    hes gotta snake

  3. Arpit4063 says:

    bear is a nice guy but i would never´╗┐ travel with him…..i just know he’s gonna eat my ass for good protein.

  4. Evilbunny198 says:


  5. Poparatzzii says:


  6. Megamusicstudio112 says:

    Cheese Fingers FTW!

  7. MrWhite9000 says:

    Here’s another Parody if anyone is interested.
    Youtube search ( Ta68Sfywo )

  8. MsAbcd1234abcd1234 says:

    cheesey fingers :p

  9. trixos says:

    good job on impersonating his voice. Its actually believable!

  10. lOuDnPrOuD987 says:


  11. haterz2Bluved says:

    lmao all da fake animals r webkinz!!

  12. haterz2Bluved says:

    lmao tht frog wz a webkinz

  13. SuperChriswashere says:

    cheesy fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sealwish says:

    CAUSE I’M BEAR GRYLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. papergunfactory says:

    cheesy fingers

  16. MrRobWhite says:

    this is shit

  17. PCHelpingGuy says:


  18. chocolatemeatball47 says:

    This has got to be the most funniest video I have ever seen on YouTube!!!! I love the webkinz!! XD

  19. SucksAtDuty says:

    if u like this watch panda barbeque hahahahaha so funny

  20. SucksAtDuty says:

    If u like this watch panda barbeque haha so funnt

  21. Jakjak841 says:

    Lol lol lol lol lol I use to watch that show in till I figured out that he strips every show!

  22. mrauzmazing says:

    are those web kinz yours

  23. mrauzmazing says:

    what the hell cinda bear grills voise is that

  24. FroggerFilm says:

    And boy is he cute? Look at him smiling… :)

  25. mikelmyer says:

    lol for the beard you can see the tag


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