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Man vs. Wild – Rattlesnake Strike | Extreme Desert

Bear Grylls is back with more adventure, more action and more survival in all NEW EPISODES of Man vs. Wild, Wednesdays at 9PM, e/p, only on Discovery! Check out fan favorite clips at: How fast can a rattlesnake strike? REALLY FAST. High-speed footage reveals how Bear Grylls can be bitten before his brain can even process he’s in any danger.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild – Rattlesnake Strike | Extreme Desert”


    snake = failed strike

  2. gryllsbear765 says:


  3. LJLiveLV says:

    i came across a ratllesnake last weekend while hiking in zion national park

  4. TheRealBlackPuma says:

    @balicsuljic Who do you think created rattle snakes?.. That’s right.

    God is merely Chuck’s sidekick, obviously.

  5. ov010 says:

    bear normally de-capitates, then eats them

  6. gameoflordfuckerhalo says:

    Bear Grylls for president.

  7. Hewhosmokeswomen says:


    I guess it would suck to be your woman.

  8. FrozoneNetworks says:

    Chuck Norris rattles a rattlesnake.

  9. mazhas08 says:

    one person is a rattle snake

  10. YOMAMAXXL says:

    fresh video :D

  11. manvswildbear says:

    @BreakthelimitsJo the name of the episode is Extreme Desert

  12. BreakthelimitsJo says:

    whats the name of this episode?

  13. BramRongen says:

    Nice slomo :O!

  14. TheGenuineChristian says:

    Eh? Why is he pointing out rattlesnakes? Is he going to be in the wild near rattlesnakes?

  15. MichaelOusstrin says:

    Bear is my hero….

  16. kevinzki21 says:

    that guy should try it without the boots

  17. MrRayBnz says:

    Black Mamba is faster & deadlier.

  18. LiveLaughLove8489 says:

    Ilove NigaHigas version of this. He’s awesome.

  19. CommonSkill says:

    @TheRealBlackPuma Versus means that you have to overcome it, you have to overcome nature if you’re in the wil or you’ll be eaten by all sorts of animals.

  20. AppleSoldier says:

    seems like the are going for a more transparent look of the show and actually showing us how they create these situations etc. Its a nice change.

  21. TheRealBlackPuma says:

    The name of this show is kinda redundant. The wild, aka; nature, can’t be fought with. In fact, we’re very much part of nature, we’ve just lost touch with it due to big city isolation. Nature is neither for nor against you.

    Truth of the matter is more often then not, nature isn’t evil and relentless as it is portrait, only when you look for trouble you’ll get trouble.

  22. Vleesball says:

    my dick is much much faster.

  23. 121darkknight says:

    that cool

  24. daydream91 says:

    @CommonSkill I lol’d

  25. mhanekamp1 says:

    that snake is pissed


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