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Man vs. Wild – Parachute Malfunction

Watch Man vs. Wild Thursdays @ 9PM e/p on Discovery! | | Over the mountains of Norway, Bear Grylls shows you how survive if your parachute fails. But don’t think his heart wasn’t pounding during his dangerous demonstration!

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild – Parachute Malfunction”

  1. leecravenaz says:

    The guy is simply educating you all, he is a former member of the SAS, I assure you he knows more about this shit than most of you will ever know.

  2. wzl46 says:

    Wait that long to deploy your reserve after you chop, and you’ll get kicked off my DZ for being such an idiot. Bear, you are a sensationalist tool.

  3. Leowhitters says:

    Did he get the canopy back

  4. deanjfk says:

    Can’t believe some of you people! Bear merely shows what you should do when things go wrong, in whatever or where ever he is. That wasn’t a mal , but merely the procedure of what to do when things go tits up. Fraud my ass, you muppet!

  5. 88fredmcfred says:

    No porn on the Motel TV, better drink my own piss.

  6. justkingshu says:

    @amnesia28 I know what you are referring to. I’ve read all about it. Some of the stuff were shot on sets and some places where he didn’t actually spend the night etc. That doesn’t count as fraud, if you go by the dictionary meaning of the word “fraud”
    And as I said earlier, even with twice the amount of support he gets, even with twice the number of times he spends in motels instead of jungles, even with twice the number of “frauds” he commits,I don’t think you can pull off what he does.

  7. rockstar8377 says:

    @amnesia28 u suck

  8. rockstar8377 says:

    hey u @amnesia28 if u don’t understand the program atleast do not insult it… or don’t watch it

  9. Velox415 says:

    @amnesia28 He gives really shit advise too. I mean common, how could you break the #1 rule of always making sure water you drink is sanitized. I laughed when he paid for it. And just last night I watched an episode where he was trapped on an island off Scotland… I don’t care how good you clean a vest made of fresh seal skin and blubber, you are still gonna attract sharks when you go swimming. Then running down scree and in that same episode saying to be careful to avoid broken bones. gah!

  10. dogdoog989 says:

    Lol reminds me of Just Cause 2

  11. 400OO4 says:

    if he pissed on he parrachute he woulda survived

  12. amnesia28 says:

    @justkingshu Why don’t you do a little more research on what a fraud Bear really is.

  13. amnesia28 says:

    @justkingshu How little do you know. It is very easy to intentionally cause a parachute to malfunction. You are obviously not a skydiver so when it comes to skydiving related things why don’t you STFU. All I said was the title was wrong.

  14. oolong2 says:

    WTF would you do that on purpose?

  15. Nightzo says:

    In case you didn’t know, Grylls had a parachuting accident when he was in the SAS. His main parachute malfunctioned and he thought that he had enough time to solve the problem so he didn’t release the reserve parachute. He couldn’t get the main parachute to work and ended up breaking parts of his backbone when he hit the ground

  16. justkingshu says:

    @amnesia28 And next time you keyboard warrior (who hasn’t probably ever seen anything outside your city) try to criticize what he does, think this way- Put yourself in Bear’s position. Take an additional medic, 2 more people to help you, extra food, water, extra tools. Even then, will you be able to survive?

  17. justkingshu says:

    @amnesia28 Seriously, how lame are you? Read the video description: “Grylls shows you how survive if your parachute fails. But don’t think his heart wasn’t pounding during his dangerous demonstration!”

    It’s a demonstration. You can’t intentionally make a parachute malfunction. It’s a demonstration on how to cut away and pull a reserve. And read the video at 0:01. They receive support. And some situations are intentionally presented. And even WITH support, the stuff he does is amazing.

  18. cheesyman1 says:

    omg youtube stop changing shit :/

  19. amnesia28 says:

    Like most things Bear related, the title of the video is a fraud. The parachute didn’t malfunction, this was an intentional cutaway.

  20. murdoc562 says:

    1:50 …BWAH

  21. HAPPYFUCKINGF33T says:

    I love how he see’s the parachute not open but only say ” Come On”. I would’ve been like : OMFGAHISUJAGHKSFYSF!UIS!@@@!!@!@!@ HOOOOLLYYYY SHITTTTT, J!@Y!GHJSJKALSAHS just shit my pants D:!!@!GFASASDF

  22. tHecOmMeNtErSrEtUrN says:

    Better drink my own piss.

  23. dubraybuckeye13 says:

    I saw the drag line rip away, then i saw the reserve. haha. I lost MY breath. :P

  24. odstroy22 says:

    even i got a adrenaline rush lol

  25. newphew92 says:

    I dont understand, why does he not keep the first parachute>?


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