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Man vs. Wild – Latched On

Watch Man vs. Wild Thursdays @ 9PM e/p on Discovery! | | After Bear Grylls slips and falls into a river, he notices a leech has caught a hold of him. He then demonstrates how to properly remove a leech and also how to stop any bleeding.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild – Latched On”

  1. williamtrevormcneil says:

    @gimkilo57 yes, but he needed to show us what to do if we ever got into a situation like that.
    its Bear Grylls, hes been trained for more than half his life on what to do out in the wild. whats the chances of him making a mistake like that out in the wild? slim to none, what are the chances of one of us making a mistake like that? pretty good. hes doing it for our benefit, no need for a bunch of you guys to be pricks about it

  2. thesharkchick says:

    @Kepitsecret You are an idiot. We know it’s fake. In fact, he could be in a room filled with plastic plants and a stereo blasting animal noises and GUESS WHAT?….we’d STILL watch him. You are relieved of your self-appointed Fake-Out Police duties.

  3. JoCkEr0987 says:

    legend :)

  4. leopert22 says:

    @Kepitsecret did you just crawl out of a cave?

  5. kingfii777 says:

    @gimkilo57 almost everything he do is on purpose ;)

  6. Kepitsecret says:

    this is so fake serisoly

  7. heiseisamrai says:


  8. chedriane42 says:

    just got bitten by a leech. better drink an elephant’s piss.

  9. mcrss26 says:

    What?! Why didn’t he ate the leech?!

  10. Tidoublemy says:

    He didn’t eat the Leech?!?! Boooo

  11. TheExitDoor says:

    Yes he probably did that on purpose, but its to show people what to do if it happends

  12. kelzzze116 says:

    thought he was gonna eat the leech-.-

  13. lmaobanned says:

    @gimkilo57 SHARP M8!!!…

  14. chipper0888 says:

    Best drink my own piss.

  15. DarthScosha says:

    @gimkilo57 Yes he does many things on purpose show us what to do if that actually happened

  16. kelzzze116 says:

    strip Bear,STRIP!!!

  17. HolgerLovesMusic says:

    @GWHZS hey…. he is the MAN vs wild!

  18. yipyingsauanna says:

    0:56 oh, that’s why he is my idol!

  19. iliev93 says:

    @RBinvader wat

  20. Paulbarbato says:

    I would hate to get lost in Borneo. Everything there bites AND flies.

  21. GWHZS says:

    Crazy Brittish guys

  22. 6braller9 says:

    LOL at how he fell

  23. drshow says:

    ahhh shit i fell. better drink my own piss

  24. Thebeertruckdriver says:

    The wound

  25. MajorDisaster4u says:

    Why is he always is such a rush?


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