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Man vs. Wild – HALO Jump | Extreme Desert

Bear Grylls is back with more adventure, more action and more survival in all NEW EPISODES of Man vs. Wild, Wednesdays at 9PM, e/p, only on Discovery! Check out fan favorite clips at: Bear Grylls freefalls from 30000 feet — his highest jump yet — into the Mojave Desert using the Special Forces method known as HALO, or high altitude low opening.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild – HALO Jump | Extreme Desert”

  1. poopylinklvl1 says:

    @jvn753 or just techincily this man is snake or big boss

  2. DevastatedX says:

    ok why does he need to jump out of a plain at 30000 feet to teach you how to survive in the desert

  3. kask53 says:

    @Mentran elaborate on how this show is fake….if you can

  4. Neilram2001 says:

    @Mentran you couldnt learn anything IF it were spoon fed to you…

  5. jinjatube says:

    correction; he’s at terminal velocity with that particular freefall orientation (belly down, arched back = ‘box position’)… if he flew head down (or even feet down, with arms in) he’d go faster… up to 50%ish faster.

  6. scarabmango says:

    Let’s see Les Stroud do this. Yeah, really likely.

  7. PerfectChaos666Tim says:

    I made a parody on Bear Grylls myself! =D

  8. neo007ful says:

    @Mentran Go back to masturbating to Justin Bieber, asshole! This show is real!!

  9. Mentran says:

    This whole show is so fake and you cant learn anything by this.

  10. deadlyvirusgiver says:

    I swear to god this guy is not human after watching his show

  11. 8CrazyLDG says:

    @jvn753 he is the best

  12. jrmaniac413 says:

    does anybody know the name of the song when he jumps out of the plane

  13. fetishify says:

    what does it feel like to jump off a plane that high?

  14. Wid3ysuicidey says:

    100% oxygen,ouch…

  15. NVjimmy says:

    @ProperInjusticeFilms I’m pretty sure, no matter who you are and what you do, that you will ALWAYS get nervous when you jump off an airplane.

  16. pivpop says:

    Bear Grylls, the HALO helljumper

  17. Kojack150 says:

    The HALO jump has got to be the most badass maneurvar ever perfected….

  18. thegosu123 says:

    And lol at all the guys dissing him from their comfy chairs behind their computers, this guy is a sole adventurer who’s done inhuman things. Atleast jvn753 realises that aswell :)

  19. thegosu123 says:

    Shit bear is my idol, this man is a living legend with all the stuff he’s done.

  20. skyline9990 says:

    Bear of Duty

  21. aceracc323 says:

    This Guy Is Fearless.

  22. ProperInjusticeFilms says:

    Why does he seem so excited about this jump? He’s ex-SAS, I’m pretty sure he’s HALO jumped before, all for dramatic effect I guess.

  23. jvn753 says:


    But have you jumped INTO mountains, deserts, swamps, islands and stay there for days living off the environment?

    Also parachuting is always life-threatening FOR HIM especially since how Bear almost risk being disabled for the rest of his life by a free fall parachuting accident?

    No offense but I’d love to see you say it’s not life threatening when your canopy rips open while you’re at 2,000 feet in the air.

  24. surfbum5412 says:

    @gixxer4646 No it won’t. He’s not traveling 200 mph at deployment. He’ll be traveling at about 120mph in that belly position which is the norm.

  25. surfbum5412 says:

    @jvn753 He’s not risking his life parachuting. I can see how you would think so as an average civilian, but as a skydiver with over 600 jumps, it’s no big deal.


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