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Man vs. Wild- Frozen Swim

For more, visit A safety team monitors Bear Grylls’ breathing and heart rates as he swims under the ice of a frozen lake in the Canadian Rockies.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild- Frozen Swim”

  1. TheSeventiethSeven says:

    @vortex594 I think the fact is, some of it is staged, and some of it is shown to be more dangerous than the situation actually is, but at the end of they day, he could survive many of these situations on his own if it was to actually come to it.

  2. floyd863 says:

    you’d think after all the piss and “protein” he has consumed he would of been ripped

  3. sourpatch575 says:

    Frozen dick……? How am I going to drink my piss!?!?!

  4. Fosax says:

    @vortex594 It’s not really staged, the team only helps in situations like demonstrations and real problems(like the time he severed his leg).

  5. ak47745100 says:

    he is better then chuck

  6. StallioN0of0MeadoW says:

    “It’s really cold… better drink my own piss.”

  7. 123highman321 says:

    who the fuck cares if he’s next to the highway. ide like to them jump out of their car and do this shit

  8. starberrylynx says:

    Oops I just stepped in some freezing cldl water. Better drink my own piss.

  9. Bateend75 says:

    Its easy enough to tell things if its fake or not why dont you try it youre self? you would last a minute without the correct equipment/knowledge.

  10. KiyomiTakada says:

    I promise, Bear…

    *kisses his hand and takes it hand off the ice sheet*

  11. Bently100 says:

    nice little body, but does he REALLY drink his pee?

  12. 007subscriber says:

    this video was sick!!! awesome=)

  13. vortex594 says:

    even if it is staged, he still eats raw fish, fish eyes, bugs and he has an awesome name, who cares if its staged, its awesome

  14. mastiffis says:

    i have done this. not that bad at all. you actually feel pretty ok after. iceswim with a sauna is great.

  15. manofgod30 says:

    fucking cheater has all that expensive outerwear and coats. Fuck bear

  16. Camberwell86 says:

    @TehLiquid – I’m stoned, and this is the funniest comment ever ^_^

  17. petermyeva says:

    In Northern Michigan, we swim from ice shanty to ice shanty…better than walking outside. sheesh

  18. TehLiquid says:

    It would be so funny if when the cut out the Square peice of ice the whole lake sunk and all that was left was the square peice of ice

  19. MultiMotor123 says:

    Thats what we call balls of ice0.0

  20. KidK3nt says:

    Damn , this is what i call balls of steel . Other ppl balls will shrink if they’re ask to do all this shit of what bear doing .

  21. Drnken says:

    Bear Grylls just needs some omni heat

  22. divineonenl says:

    idiot -_-

  23. mrpinkice says:

    i do this in finland every winter.

  24. SweetKooshy says:

    i’ve done the same in colorado..called the polar bear swim. it’s really not that bad as you’d people think lol….

  25. Doubledare51 says:

    @NovaGirl1011 because he’s a fuckin’ ninja lol


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