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Man vs. Wild – Castaway part 3/5

Castaway: Season 4 Episode 4 Bear Grylls strands himself in popular wilderness destinations where tourists often find themselves lost or in danger.

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25 Responses to “Man vs. Wild – Castaway part 3/5”

  1. TheLiivahiir says:

    @Jazzman555 chuck norris can control OTHER peoples hair growth also :D

  2. xxdudetxx says:

    the reason that stingray tastes mean is becaus its the same one that killed steve irwin

  3. xxdudetxx says:

    that shelter actually looks more inviting than my tent i camp in XD

  4. Stormzyz1998 says:

    i love how he tells the branch to stay when he’s buildin the shelter lol

  5. Kronixzz says:

    watching this make me became more excited to join special force after grad. !

  6. ZulShahable says:


    what do you mean
    sorry dont really understand

  7. triggerchelsea1 says:

    @TrierGamer Whatever! The SAS is THE most elite fighting force in the world.

  8. puttz2 says:

    If Tom Hanks only knew…………

  9. TrierGamer says:

    its the Special Air Service the SWAT of UK but much more well trained

  10. BloodKid13 says:

    2:8 Stayyyyy XD

  11. BloodKid13 says:

    @Jazzman555 How the hell do you do that??! My hair grows well to quickly(On my head)

  12. 24forpresident says:

    why doesnt he just stand out in the rain to fill his things up with water? he doesnt need to get it from the palm leaves..?

  13. nifer41 says:

    we made this type of tent at camp from scratch

  14. wese3000 says:

    @Jazzman555 what is SAS?

  15. WarFighter112 says:

    @MultiMatt23 no bear is chuck norris’s father :D

  16. angelwingz says:

    he would totally outlast the survivor series xD

  17. thelordsson300 says:

    always keep a rolex with ya when youre going to live on a tropical island on your own :)

  18. ZariFkun says:

    2:10 stay! xD

  19. TheCatracho4life says:

    I could use a guy like that if I ever go on a cruise to some weird island.

  20. PyroCube says:

    Cuck norris can`t do this.

  21. itsbone141 says:

    hes a badass motherfucker, thats for sure..

  22. DotKritic says:

    “Yeaah! Feels good!” XD

  23. swimmer565 says:

    8:43 lol sounds like hes orgasming

  24. MultiMatt23 says:

    is bear chuck norris’s son?

  25. KaminariKatta says:

    Bear has such an exciting life.Its good u noe,to noe that u have done something special when u lie on ur death bed.


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