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Man vs Wild – Bear Grylls Season 6 episode 13 2of5 HD

Man vs Wild. Bear Grylls. s06e13. Part 2 of 5. Behind the scenes of making the show. Air-date: 10/02/2010 Sorry for the audio-lag, I have no idea why this happened.

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9 Responses to “Man vs Wild – Bear Grylls Season 6 episode 13 2of5 HD”

  1. raceagainstthebieber says:

    whats that green fog stuff in the shot from 6:00 to 7:00

  2. hamashamas68 says:

    I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!

  3. AdamRooth says:

    @YV07111985 Yeah, I know about the lag… Somehow when I cut the video up into smaller chunks the audio got all screwed up (except for the first part, which is odd). I said so in the comments aswell… But all the other episodes are correct, its just this one because its HD.

  4. YV07111985 says:

    thats a 5 secound lag!!!! =/ but i still watched it :)

  5. viper10011 says:

    wtf is with the sound.

  6. geheimpje says:


  7. clarksta says:

    use divx converter
    just google it :D

  8. AdamRooth says:

    I know, I have no idea why this happened. Crappy video-editing-program. Every clip that I make that is not from the beginning of the show ends up like that. Have to find another program to use.

  9. asgardsg says:

    the sounds r slower than movie =o(


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