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Making Hockskins From Deer Legs

Showing how to remove hockskins from deer legs to make hair on rawhide. These can be used to make pouches and such.

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4 Responses to “Making Hockskins From Deer Legs”

  1. rubbnsmoke says:

    Nice to see someone else who utilizes as much of their deer as possible. But dude you’re doing it the hard way. Got an air compressor? use an air nozzle and blow air under the skin and it blows up like a balloon amking the actual peeling a snap. and Yes, you do want to flesh off any fat tissue. Then 2-3 days in the garage with a fan blowing on them they will be dry as they’ll ever be.

  2. imaplugger says:

    @michbowguy I’ll second that. Waste not want not.

  3. MiWilderness says:

    @michbowguy Thanks Jamie.

  4. michbowguy says:

    nice to see someone utilize all the deer.
    good job.



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