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Making Fire with a Magnifying Lens

Making fire with a magnifying Lens – Music by Spiro –

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23 Responses to “Making Fire with a Magnifying Lens”

  1. mrttou says:

    When you’re a kid you’re not allowed to play with matches, but magnifying glasses, most definitely. Then Timmy’s wondering why the tree’s behind his house are gone. ha ha.

  2. EZ4089 says:

    Quit biting those finger nails Bud!!!

  3. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @bunny153649 First of all – if you’ve got flames – then you’ve got fire! I presume you mean that you can’t keep it burning.

    Abiding by the Fire Triangle (Heat, Oxygen & Fuel) we have established that you definitely have two ok, you’ve got heat because you see a flame, oxygen is in the air, so it must be fuel. Make sure you have a fine enough fuel to catch off that little flame, try fine, dry grass. Good luck!

    - Ashley.

  4. bunny153649 says:

    i can only make flames but not fire PLZ HELPPP!!!!! even though i blow on it

  5. bunny153649 says:

    i can only make flames but not fire PLZ HELPPP!!!!!

  6. NaturalBushcraft says:

    It could help a little to shread the amadou more and keep it in a ball, but I don’t think you’ll save that much time by doing it in the bundle itself. Obviously I was trying trying to do it in clear view for the camera.

  7. C24B9 says:

    Question: it seemed to take awhile to “catch” when you transferred it to the tinder (birds-nest). Would there be any value in scraping the amadou shavings into a pocket of the tinder, and using the lens to ignite? I was thinking you could “stoke” up the lens longer, and perhaps get a quicker jump start. Not sure if there’s more to the story. Nice video.

  8. GAMELOVER1996 says:

    thats great that you’re an outdoors person mate! and i love the british accent!

  9. ROFLpwnedvideos says:

    My girlfriend just gave me a little magnifying lens she found at her job. I planned on adding it to my pack.

  10. 007vauxhall says:


  11. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Thanks! It’s just me filming using a JVC Everio & then PowerDirector Ultra 7

  12. LowBudgetBushcraft says:

    Awesome video editing.

  13. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Yeah, worked eventually, it was Amadou that had just been dried, no other preperation.

  14. BushcraftOnFire says:


    Very nice job! Way to coax the coal into flame…

  15. NaturalBushcraft says:

    That is a good point, as I said in the video I hadn’t made fire with a magnifying glass in many years, but now after making this video looking at the size & weight of this little lens it’s probably worth carrying as part of my normal camping kit for that reason.

  16. AshangelV1 says:

    This is a great way to save wear and tear on your bow drill or fire steel. It is always a good idea to not be reliant upon a single technique. great vid.

  17. NaturalBushcraft says:

    I’ve never stumbled upon really nice flint where I live (Cornwall, UK) but I got the flint in the video in South Wales during the Bushmoot.

  18. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Snapped the extensor tendon off the bone whilst doing a bit of Cornish Wrasslin ;) Freak ancident really, been doing it all my life & never had a problem.

  19. boonedogger says:

    grate vid mate. : )

  20. draconiandevil01 says:

    Damn Brits and their superior quality flint deposits!

  21. firemike550 says:

    great video, what happened to you pinky finger?

  22. assassin616 says:


  23. AlbinMyren says:

    cool man!


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