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Making A Stick Tang Knife

How I made a stick tang’d, antler handled, skinning knife

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25 Responses to “Making A Stick Tang Knife”

  1. nubsz911 says:

    if you just soak the antler the pith becomes soft and malleable, you can just work the tang in and let it dry for a few weeks and pith will dry and expand around the tang. you can use some epoxy for good measure but it will hold really well without it.

  2. jason4amd says:

    this guys an idiot next video is his hand all messed up lol

  3. vince38curious2 says:

    @seanmulhall I use Araldite super strength 24 hour to full cure Never had any handle come loose yet:D

  4. foreversorrow81 says:

    good choice in music

  5. magicdevil97 says:

    howd u sharpen i foud a pice of metal on the road and a pice of bone on the trax gunna make knife i wanna no how to sharpen

  6. seanmulhall says:

    I have never heard of this technique. Do it still need to remove the pith first?

  7. ThatSage says:

    Sean, I’m sure im way too late now. But if you soak antler in water for about a month it goes soft, you could hammer the tang of the knife into it. Then wait for it to dry out and it will dry tighter around the tang.

    Great video matey.

  8. TheAsterixx says:

    good idea with the wood in the midle of the antler .

  9. rozzlobenakachna says:

    Drilling and holding it in hand … wow … you are Super Hero ;) ))) LOL

  10. darkarchon777 says:

    have you guys heard of puukko knives? they come from Finland i think. how do those knives stand up to bushcrafting?

  11. seanmulhall says:

    @243snake I drilled out all the the pith which is soft and porous. The dowel gave me something solid to fix the blade to. This technique worked for me. I have not tried with just glueing into the pith.

  12. 243snake says:

    Why do you use the piece of wood in the centre? Would it be just as strong to epoxy the blade into the antler?

  13. 243snake says:

    Why do you use the stick for the centre? Why not put the blade straight into the antler?

  14. PhillieBRidin says:

    sweet vid. think it would work without the wood?

  15. noisepuppet says:

    Pretty groovy, thanks for the tute.

  16. seanmulhall says:

    @rainmechanic yes. A brand name is Araldite

  17. rainmechanic says:

    Do you guys call Epoxy “Contact Adhesive”?

  18. mwchinbach says:

    Maybe if you`d split the dowel,put half on each side of the tang before inserting, you could have saved yourself some drilling.
    That said, smashing knife.Really nice overall form. The lines are right!

  19. doctordarkness4life says:

    nice work

  20. Rasenkrieger says:

    I think what you see first is just the preliminary knife using a piece of wood that has a soft core.
    The philosophy is to use no extra tool for making the proper knife handle.
    Step 2: using simple materials, with their signature; this has a spiritual aside, feeling one with your surroundings. Which is a big factor in daily living_and when you depend on your skills

  21. blahk1234454 says:

    I don’t understand why he’s doing this. Is it to increase the strength of the knife, or is it just ascetically pleasing?

  22. multigunlover says:

    i did this with my knife just a few weeks ago, i will have to put a vid up of it.

  23. jtdrummer2112 says:

    Eddie Vedder. great Song. Great Movie.

  24. PUMACABRA says:

    The new antlers grow with the bucks. They shed last years, and the new antlers will often add a point every other year or so. The oldest bucks have the biggest racks with the most points. Better weapon, and a prowess thing when attracting a mate.

  25. hbrowlands says:

    nice vid sean but please chainge the way you use the dril one slip and you lose your hand mate


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