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Making a bow with johnjayrambo11111 making a bow SORRY ABOUT THE LOW QUALITY BUT BEING 20 MINUTES LONG IT TOOK A WHILE TO UPLOAD

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25 Responses to “Making a bow with johnjayrambo11111”

  1. TheAmericanUhate says:

    @LeonRFpoa LOL, that’s all I even have to say here! HAHAHHAAHAHHAA

  2. LeonRFpoa says:

    @XCritonX sound like the snow plow mounds in Nebraska. Neighborhood kids used to dig in and conduct full scale trench / siege warfare with sticks and rocks and snow dishes for shields. The local parents always struck me and friggin crazy, they would sit there going “aw, look how cute” while us kids were locked in screaming, kicking, rock-hurling mayhem. I recall someones dumbass dad showing them how to fashion and use slings? Yeah. People, get your kids a puppy or something…

  3. LeonRFpoa says:

    JJ taught me how to make bows and so did Dave Canterbury. Thumbs up, will do you a review of the pignut hickory bow I just made. It is beautiful, I am so proud of it. I used all hand tools and split the log and all by hand, only cheated at the end with a finishing sander to make it pretty. Adding an arrow shelf after I get a string built, will keep you updated.

  4. WeaponCollector says:

    Great Work Malc.


  5. dlvmark says:

    Thanks Malc!

  6. DigitalRM says:

    @michaelandtristan dumbass

  7. XCritonX says:

    @ShockAndOdd There was no blood, we used blunt weapons. Still, I am not sure how we never poked someones eye out. We lived in a bad area. The bullies would invade my backyard (it was large) and vandalize our property. My brother and I along with a few friends would build traps and weapons to fight them. During the summer it was a battle almost everyday.

  8. ShockAndOdd says:

    @XCritonX You shot at bullies with bow and arrows and stabbed them with spears? And they were invading? Bullcrap.

  9. REDSOXNYG says:

    Hey Malc, what brand of hatchet do you use?

  10. michaelandtristan says:

    lol runescape video is related to this.

  11. XCritonX says:

    I used to make bows like this when I was a kid. Turned back a few bully invasions with hails of arrows and stabs of spears. We even made armor out of old leather cloths.

  12. Killahofosho says:

    hahahaha i was looking at the tree to the right for the first 30 seconds of the video! i have been making bow’s the same way for the kids around town they all have bow’s that look sorta like this. the bow is fun to make and the natural camo on the front makes it ideal for small game! you have no idea how low the squirrel population is after i started giving them away!

  13. ronaldoelpaso says:

    @johnjayrambo11111 sorry for being a dick, was upset, but good video, good info, thanks for vid.

  14. johnjayrambo11111 says:

    @UtahNeil thanks for the concern but i been using a low block for years and havent had an accident the low block fof me is what i got used to

  15. johnjayrambo11111 says:

    @ronaldoelpaso haha ok mate will do next time

  16. johnjayrambo11111 says:

    @TheNerdableVidGuy split in two right down the middle if you do it right you should be able to make two bows

  17. TheNerdableVidGuy says:

    2:00 When You Say Its Right Time To Season And To Debark And Slit What Do You Mean By Split?
    Please Respond Im Hoping To Make A Good Bow For Hunting.

  18. ronaldoelpaso says:

    Dude, what the hell! You gotta be carefull with your editing and cut out that crap. I think i permanently lost hearing at 20:42….What in the hell was that sound?

  19. jocelynn2007 says:


  20. UtahNeil says:

    Dude, get a higher chopping block or put it up on something, it looked like you were about to bury the hatchet in your shin 2 or 3 times, just a reminder, accidents happen and with a higher block your risk gets lower

  21. Gnostic279 says:

    Interesting video. I like what ur doing but i say just grabb a stick put string on it and start shooting. Y spend so much effort perfecting such a temporary bow.

  22. vassilischr says:

    axe is Fiscars

  23. sargefaria says:

    Good stuff bro!

  24. RCSuperPowers says:

    Wow, look at that. Thanks for showing this.

  25. BradinOkinawa says:

    Pretty good for your first time. ;-)


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