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Light Hiking Shoes VS. Hiking Boots

A lot of people nowadays switch from using boots for hiking to hiking shoes that are more lightweight due to the ongoing trend of lightweight backpacking. Additionally, blisters are prevented.

Aside from keeping everything light, one other essential goal would be spending less money in equipment and clothing. Here are several ways you can follow to keep hiking shoes cheap and light.

For backpacking trips and hikes that are longer, opt for shoes of high quality. In general, good shoes for running which weight around a pound would be good. If weights are listed, you can even buy them online or through catalogs. Otherwise, you will be able to tell just by picking up shoes at local shoe stores within your weight range. If you happen to shop at traditional stores, small kitchen scales could do the trick in checking weights.

Naturally, a lot of top running shoes could cost up to a hundred dollars. A lot of people wouldn’t want to spend too much on shoes, though, so closeouts would be a good option. For some particular reason, people like the newest fashion, despite there being no difference when it comes to performance, so last year’s sales are more difficult to get rid of, giving them steep discounts. Simply check on the internet, get several catalogs and you are sure to find great deals.

A second strategy in keeping hiking shoes cheap and light would be to visit Kmart or Wal-Mart or similar places that sell inexpensive shoes. Shoes here can get so low that they could be available for a mere ten bucks. Although they surely are of low quality, this would only be a problem in longevity and materials used. When they are actually put to use, however, they actually have a better grip when hiking in rockier territory and where climbing is a must compared to expensive shoes.hiking shoes

What is important with hiking shoes that are cheap would be to remember that they should only be used for hikes and backpacking trips that are short and won’t bring you deep into the wild. Otherwise, your shoes could fall apart within a week of walking on rough terrain.

It has to be said, though, that these shoes are comfortable, light, and don’t have to be broken in. Such hiking shoes can be used over and over again, but should be limited to trips that last for a maximum of three days. Ensure that you always have duct tape with you, too, in case you are in need of sudden repairs.

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