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Liam Lynch – “SurvivalGuy” Part One of Three

Liam Lynch survives in the wilds of his yard, for 5 days, using only his training and instinct. Part one of three.

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16 Responses to “Liam Lynch – “SurvivalGuy” Part One of Three”

  1. Faure45 says:


  2. f0ksie says:

    lol it took me a sec to realize that was raven!

  3. diggnthis says:

    Funny stuff yo!

  4. GrimmGreen says:


  5. ShanBurkholder says:

    Fuck yeah Liam!!! Kudos on the films! \m/ VAPE ON!!! HARD!!

  6. RIPjohnbonham says:

    Very entertaining and informative.
    LA can’t get that cold though, I could probably survive in a T-shirt and shorts.

  7. sparkus01 says:

    Bear Grylls is a chump.

  8. ludovica36 says:

    Wonderful as ever Liam, and worth the wait! :) (as always)

  9. russwishtart says:

    How did you get by without vaping???

  10. trv16gel says:

    This gives me hope that I might get through something as harrowing

  11. Shameful26 says:

    haha nice spoof vid.

  12. InkedCanadianGuy says:

    lol hilarious brother

  13. SkreetGil says:


  14. ElectricReuben says:

    I enjoy the sour BBQ flavor of lemons

  15. danaross says:

    This just happened to us yesterday!!!!
    I’m giving you a set of our keys next time I’m out there.

    Great one!

  16. glovestrong48 says:

    You are so entertaining man, good work.


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