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Les Stroud-Winter in Ontario 3/5 In 2001 Stroud produced two one-hour specials for the science news show These segments follow the same format as Survivorman with Stroud filming his own survival in the wilderness. They were originally broadcast as daily segments over the course of one week but were repackaged as two one-hour specials titled Stranded.[2] The popularity of these pilots spawned the show Survivorman. Stroud teamed up with producer Dave Brady to produce 10 episodes of the show which began airing in 2004.[2]

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20 Responses to “Les Stroud-Winter in Ontario 3/5”

  1. bfmv580 says:

    Man this makes me want to go in the garden and try and survive the night ;-)

  2. bfmv580 says:

    @eward281 You wrote that a year ago, but one year on and IM spending a lazy thursday watching Les :-)

  3. mythic89 says:

    I think I saw Rudolph and that Elf who wants to be a Dentist.

  4. mythic89 says:

    It’s so pretty there how can I move there and become a Canadian ?

  5. grayghost222 says:

    Great video, your the real deal. It’s sad, the others walk in your footsteps but never make there own.

  6. SkogKniv says:

    @doanengam Jeg ble født i USA, men familien er fra Norge. Vi har familie der fortsatt også.

  7. doanengam says:

    SkogKniv. du er i fra norge. hehe

  8. Schutzstaffel23 says:

    @IllSk1llz same!! lol

  9. TheRoge43 says:

    @SuperWarriorMullet Thats how trappers do it. They cut a hole near the entrance to the beaver hut, and put snares at the hut entrances. Then a few days later, they cut the ice again , and check the traps.

  10. johnchoiscs says:

    “Don’t even bother..”
    haha so true

  11. SuperWarriorMullet says:

    I’ve never heard of an under the ice beaver snare.

  12. ZxExN says:

    lol I always get hungry when I watch Les and Bear.

  13. KatiushaVN4 says:

    At 7:55 Airbus A380

  14. SuperWarriorMullet says:

    You know so do I for some reason. In fact I’m eating right now as I type.

  15. IllSk1llz says:

    I always get hungry when I watch Les Stroud’s show.

  16. guglio1290 says:

    That’s a Canadian for you ;-)

  17. guglio1290 says:

    Loved the Jeremiah Johnson refrence.. my favourite movie!

  18. fallenembers08 says:

    lol “shmucked up” haha love u les!

  19. ascheepe says:

    I always learned to build a wall of some kind on the opposite of the fire so all the heat reflects back into your shelter, even if made from snow it will reflect some extra heat. Also be aware of that birch bark when you use it for shelter with indoor fires, that stuff really burns well ;)

  20. eward281 says:

    Love spending a lazy thursday watching Les


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