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Les Stroud in Off The Grid 7 of 7

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5 Responses to “Les Stroud in Off The Grid 7 of 7”

  1. ytertyu says:

    good video for showing you must have shit loads of money to start a project like this .. living off the grid , middle of nowhere simply not accessible to most of us who aren’t well off ..also , wherever you’re still have to pay for food , gasoline, medication , ammunition , etc.. just saving couple of hundred bucks hydro bill doesn’t justify the whole process , especially if some fat ass building inspector still can fuck with you

  2. kearnj says:

    I find it funny that they left the lights on in the cabin while everyone was outside. For the final shot sure, but nevertheless, they were wasting energy.

  3. ShannCole888 says:

    I wonder how much money he spent on this whole project, Helicopter deliveries, Solar Power, Wind Power, Buying a Cabin Kit, Having Heavy Equpment operated, Having construction crews,and installers help him…Nice video, just seems like it would take some money to afford all of that…what about food supply ?

  4. MrEasyrhino says:

    man you guys are livin the dream.tried it once in the yukon and many of your ideas are the way to go!I really hope that things are goin the way you planned.its my dream to do what you guys are doing in your vids. keep up the awsome vids to let all us dreamers know that it can be a reality if we try hard.

  5. hamm336 says:

    good video thanks post more please


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