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Knifemaking. How to rehandle a knife the simple way.

Knifemaking. How to rehandle a knife the simple way.

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25 Responses to “Knifemaking. How to rehandle a knife the simple way.”

  1. RDPproject says:

    Actually…I dont have much space at all. What you see is an old kitchen table in one corner of the garage that is full of…well…CRAP. The guy that I share this house with is a pig when it comes to cleanliness. If you were to go down to a garbage dump. Fill a trailer with crap, you would have something similar to what is just off screen in my videos. In my next video to be uploaded in the next 24hrs…you will see that I am working in my own kitchen.

  2. LiftedShooter says:

    Another problem is space. We don’t have a shed and the only “dirty work” area is my garage but we keep our cars in there. I wish I had working space like yours.

  3. RDPproject says:

    Dont bother with dremel’s. It just to much work for them. Just go down to Home Depot or some large hardware store like that. Find what you need. Make a list and give it to family and friends..HINT HINT “X-mas is only a few weeks away”….lol

  4. LiftedShooter says:

    god damn. i want to rehandle my cold steel trail master and srk but I don’t have most of the tools you used in the video. i have a dremel but I don’t want to buy all the materials and then fuck it up not to mention fucking up my knives as well. I wish I had the know-how and materials to do this.

  5. Killahofosho says:

    @RDPproject sweet im looking forward to it

  6. RDPproject says:

    Thanks mate.
    The off-cut from the tip of the blade?…I have just finished making a leather cutting knife from it . I will edit and post in the next couple of days I hope.


  7. RDPproject says:

    I have finished making the leather knife form the scrap piece of blade. I will edit and post in the next couple of days I hope.

  8. om3gadagg3r says:

    Well done! 100 times better looking and useable to boot!

  9. captjeff78 says:

    @RDPproject doing good Rob, i just sent my prototype blade to get heat treated today!! it is going to be a great belt knife. it should be ready for my knife show in september….. email me and ill show you some pics!!!

  10. RDPproject says:

    Thx Capt.
    How you doing Jeff?

  11. captjeff78 says:

    great job! that turned out great! your friend is going to really love it

  12. Xolette says:

    @RDPproject School…and a busy summer. Now summer’s almost over! I was knife throwing the other day and had 12 knives with me which was hard to hold in one hand and thought about how to make a knife sheath that could hold all of my knives while I’m throwing/retrieving. Anyway, I’m going to watch your one knife sheath video to see if any ideas pop up. Congrats on your 500 subscribers!

  13. RDPproject says:

    wow…an A+. Thx buddy.
    Are you gonna be submitting to my ’500′ competition?
    C’mon mate….I know you can do it. :-)

  14. traderjoes says:

    That came out really cool looking! I have to admit that before it took shape, I had doubts, but it suddenly transformed nicely! I wish I had such skill Rob! A+

  15. Killahofosho says:

    @RDPproject i’d really like to see that

  16. RDPproject says:

    I was thinking about using it for a small leather knife.
    The long spikey bit could be inserted into a wood handle.

  17. Killahofosho says:

    great job excellent conversion and in case your wondering that piece you cut off is a shitty version of a gutt hook

  18. RDPproject says:

    Why thank you very much streetartist.

  19. jkd185 says:

    nice job …:)

  20. RDPproject says:

    Thank you Matt.

  21. PinewoodCH says:

    Really a nice work! Great result! 5*

  22. RDPproject says:

    Thanks mate.

  23. RDPproject says:

    Duuuudette….long time no chat.
    Where you been hiding?

  24. RDPproject says:

    Thx Mike

  25. Gunfulker27 says:

    Man thats awesome


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