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Knife Making. My Ray Mears & Alan Wood Woodlore Clone Bushcraft Knife. PART 6-A.

Knife Making. My Ray Mears & Alan Wood Woodlore Clone Bushcraft Knife. PART 6-A

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25 Responses to “Knife Making. My Ray Mears & Alan Wood Woodlore Clone Bushcraft Knife. PART 6-A.”

  1. RDPproject says:

    No…if you were to cut the wood in half by a hole you would see that they are T shaped. The thread of the screws are smaller than the head of the screw. That way they have something to hold onto.

  2. lilcamo25 says:

    are the holes in the blade and in the wood the same size?

  3. buckkill says:

    @RDPproject I live in minnesota.
    Awefully cold here now.

  4. RDPproject says:

    The wood is She Oak and the brass bolts can be bought
    from any knife parts supplier.
    Which country are you in?


  5. buckkill says:

    2 questions if you don’t mind. what type of wood was that and where did you get the brasss bolts? thanks.

  6. xV13TCONGx says:

    Hahaha I don’t know why… but the best part for me was when you said Leatherman! Hell yeah! My multi tool of choice is the Leatherman Charge TTI

  7. mirkosrndovic says:

    Epoxying the wood is another great idea. In my Valhalla Blade I did that accidentally with the top edge of the scales and it turned out to be fantastic water proofer and it is so smooth and nice!

  8. RDPproject says:

    Danke Sepp.

  9. RDPproject says:

    No mate. I have never made one in this style befor.
    So this one is for myself. That way any problems issues with it can be sorted befor I make some for customers.

  10. Waldhandwerk says:

    Grandiose work my friend. I also looking forward to the next part! All the best, Sepp

  11. Mraussieadventurer says:

    @RDPproject did someone order this knife

  12. RDPproject says:

    it would be good to mix with the epoxy and used as a coloured filler.

  13. MrJazzydee says:

    the wood dust looks like red iron oxide cement colouring agent

  14. RDPproject says:

    Thank you Ukyo.
    The final part is now uploaded.

  15. RDPproject says:

    Thanks Colin. The last part is now uploaded aswell.

  16. RDPproject says:

    You dont have to wait long…its uploaded now.

  17. RDPproject says:

    Part 6B is now posted.

  18. RDPproject says:

    6B is up, its up, its up, its up!
    Yeah….my mum taught me to share with others.

  19. RDPproject says:

    lol…I hope not.

  20. RDPproject says:

    Tack Snike22

  21. RDPproject says:

    Its a personality thing. You need to train yourself to be more patient.
    Once youve done that…it will carry over into other parts of your life and
    you will feel much better within yourself.

  22. RDPproject says:

    Thx JC

  23. RDPproject says:

    Final part has just been uploaded.

  24. RDPproject says:

    Its finished alright. Next video has just gone up.

  25. TheRitchiePowell says:

    Hey it’s getting close isn’t it. You are awesome mate!


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