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Knife Destruction Test – Hultafors HVK – Part 3 of 5

Testing the Hultafors HVK Knife with some real world tests, big thanks to Jontok for supplying the knife.

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4 Responses to “Knife Destruction Test – Hultafors HVK – Part 3 of 5”

  1. maveraver says:

    @Makermook – still to resharpen the edge up Mook, but yep, i might video that process as well if i get the time this week.

    Re the ferro rod end the edge temper, i have absolutely no idea, but it’s a valid point and one i must admit i had not considered.

  2. maveraver says:

    @JustinBaker2567 – couldn’t agree more, this exact point is demonstrated in Part 5

  3. JustinBaker2567 says:

    Even if it isnt paper cutting sharp, its still going to be plenty sharp for most uses. Mabeye not ideal, but it will get the job done.

  4. Makermook says:

    I DID watch a YouTube vid once where a guy used the cutting edge of his knife to strike a ferro rod. Can’t blame him, I suppose, if no one ever taught him any better. I’m not to the last vid in your series, but I hope that little knife survives…I’d like to see what you do to recondition the edge.

    By the way, are the sparks from the ferro rod hot enough, for long enough, and in contact with the cutting edge long enough, to affect the temper, do you suppose?


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