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Introduction Video Book The Pathfinder System Survivability for the Common Man http

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25 Responses to “Introduction Video Book The Pathfinder System Survivability for the Common Man”

  1. jackeatsfish says:

    My BOOK and it companion DVD is stated within the first 15 seconds…blah, blah, blah is right. You’re partially real, Dave!

  2. cr0cket01 says:

    hi i wonder if you have ever used a pump drill. Dont know what you call them it two bits of wood one is the upright the other is a cross member that has 3 holes in it one each end and one in the middle . It also has a weight made from bit of wood thats round set bit up from bottom. It was used for fire lighting and for drilling holes in things. as it can be used one handed and can twirls a hand drill (firelighting one) faster and with less stress on palm of hands i wonder if you could make vid

  3. 69TheGeneral says:

    BE CAREFUL… not all Stainless steel is magnetic

  4. amcanmike says:

    good info

  5. staysharp84 says:

    i would really like to know where i can find his book cause i love this stuff

  6. traitorwaingro says:

    Hi guys, what’s the music playing at the beginning ? Thanx every1 !

  7. tahtunka08 says:

    haha I have been itching to get another great survival book and I just love how you position these photos too! You are one of my top 3 most favorite survival instructors. I will totally be on the lookout for your new book keep up the good work this is just great stuff!

  8. ez2curanut says:

    Dave, what do you have in the black bison @1:56? firestarter?… and where did you get that MOAB (mother of all bisons) LOL :)

  9. sleepysalsa says:

    Hey, I accidently flagged your video. My apologies! :)

  10. redline1953 says:

    Where may I get this at?

  11. theslothman666 says:

    80/20 rule.. Big thumbs up!! Keep up the good work mate.

  12. YsengrinProduction says:

    Vidéo très instructive

  13. ZZOTH says:

    @Vlaxerman343 it IS that guy.

  14. OutdoorsmanByDesign says:

    Very cool! This is the first video of yours I’ve watched, but I’m already hooked. This stuff is right down my alley, my fellow outdoorsman.

  15. Vlaxerman343 says:

    @johnmonk66 wow really?

  16. johnmonk66 says:

    Just ordered this book, in the waterproof version, and a haversack, from you Dave. Once I study the book I am sure I will be ordering more gear.

  17. johnmonk66 says:

    @Vlaxerman343 This IS the guy from dual survival

  18. actonbath says:

    What is the fixation with knives so many have. Must be some primitive gene like the one that draws humans and moths to fire.

    If I was a cannibal I’d dig a pit, cover it over with branches and leaves and hang a “bush knife” over the pit as bait.

  19. actonbath says:

    90/10 Children 6 and under.
    80/20 Adults.
    97/3 Teens.
    99/1 Politicians.

  20. BriarRabbitcrx says:

    You could let that needle get hotter if this doesn’t work the first time. The thermal reaction will become strongest around 800 degrees. Obviously the needle would then be too hot to touch at that point, but once it cools the magnetic charge will be much greater.At 800 degrees he needle will loose its magnetic properties, but the flow of electrons will align into a monopole until the needle cools. This means the metal will be further magnetized. -Birar Rabbit.

  21. Vlaxerman343 says:

    this guy reminds me ALOT about the guy from dual survival who has to hang out with the hippie

  22. NikLagua says:

    just saw master of survival few minutes ago i thought it would be an episode when they drop off the masters in one survival situation or something

  23. WizzRacing says:

    You ever read Path finder publications, written by Don Paul. he did a series of books on survival and living in hard times. I read his book’s back in the 1980′s and learned real life lessons on living in the city, country, and wilderness. hope you can carry on the tradition of being self reliant outside. good luck.

  24. whiskerbiscuitstrek says:

    amazing stuff ! how many months / years does the needle hold that charge?

  25. bassfuryvi says:

    @masterthomas919 I think it is the Harpoon or something like that…there is an old vid of Dave’s with it..I made something similar in Stainless but it was never as cool as this keychain blade..


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