Ideal Gear for Your Survival Kit

Here are some simple points that your ideal survival kit gear should have:

  • Comprehensive

Every survival kit needs to have sufficient items that would be required in any emergency situation. It needs to have sufficient provisions for the most essential necessity in emergencies, for example: water. Thirst tends to increase during emergency situations, putting you or anyone with you at risk for possible dehydration.

  • High Quality

Of course you can purchase low quality kits that are cheaper, but would you really wish to get caught in emergencies with damp lighters or flashlights that fail to function? Several people seem to believe that bringing items of low quality would be better than nothing. But there really is no point in bringing emergency kits at all, if they don’t keep you warm, comfortable, and safe until help arrives.

  • Complete

Your set needs to be sufficiently stocked with items that will last you through any emergency. Wilderness kits, for example, need to have sufficient items that will last 36 hours – this is usually how long rescue teams take to arrive. Order forms of survival kits come with pictures of its contents, so count the amount of items to ensure you paid for everything inside the bag.

  • Expensive

You do not have to purchase the most top quality products you see without taking a look, if they fit your personal needs. But be careful when buying cheap things. Keep in mind that flimsy knives and broken systems of GPS are not good items for a survival kit.

  • Easy to Open

During emergencies, you will not want to scramble around just to get your kit unzipped. Also, items need to come in waterproof and durable bags that have compartments that are easy to find. Stay away from kits with difficult clasps and locks.

  • Easy to Use

Survival kits have to be designed with a person’s handling skills in mind. Well-traveled trekkers, for example, won’t have trouble handling cutting-edge, sophisticated survival kits with modern gadgets. But if you are not comfortable with such tools, you may want to keep a lookout for more basic kits that do not require high-tech skills.

  • Versatile

Keep a lookout for kits that have several tools that may be used for various purposes. Duct tape, for example, would be something that can be put to use in various ways; big garbage plastic bags, too. More versions that are high-tech would be compasses that double as torchlight that doubles as whistles.

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