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How to make a Hobo Stove

How to make and use a hobo stove

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25 Responses to “How to make a Hobo Stove”

  1. TheMacason says:

    @UnlimitedBushcraft XD you said Thanks! in the 3 recent commentz.

  2. twentyfoursevenmix says:

    LOL hobo stove =p

  3. azto19 says:

    Great idea! I will have to give this a go, think i will block about some of the holes to make the fuel last longer.

  4. LiquidChem says:

    @steelydanfan100 from observing of ratios concerned with power intake in am I feeble you arent what in this!!! hahahaha I win.

  5. steelydanfan100 says:

    @LiquidChem how did u learn to talk ?

  6. bushcraftourway says:

    i have one of these things, i did the exact same thing dude, never had a better stove!

    i know they arent as fast as a gas stove but there lighter and a gas stove cant keep you warrm where you cant have fire! haha! great job buddy!

  7. 1960markN says:

    Nice ideas, but slow down and hold it still, dude!

  8. hopaloop says:

    Hey, that’s great. So inventive!!

  9. jihadacadien says:

    Pretty well made!

  10. Magcomplex says:

    Buddy you rock…just subscribed can’t wait to see more of your stuff….

  11. TheBgcheez says:

    To many holes, the fuel/wood would burn to quickly. You want to reach gassification.

  12. neekieto0 says:

    Hahaha..Hobos can’t aford metal

  13. TheMassAnnoyance says:

    How long does it last? Does it perish after a while with the heat?

  14. LiquidChem says:

    how did u talking so fast?

  15. davettalashley says:

    I like this video, but I’m having a lot of difficulty understanding what you are saying.

  16. CreamPie9uy says:

    Good stuff mate. I love the versitality of these kind of stoves, especially when hiking for over a few days. I use a trangia burner when it’s not possible or convenient to burn wood in it. Whenever you can use wood though it saves on meths and makes it go further, certainly makes the bergan a bit lighter not having to carry as much fuel. I’ve tried all sorts of stoves which all have their pros and cons but this type is the one that works best for me.

  17. kevbro321 says:

    you added petrol didnt you at 401 im on to you

  18. InvaderAshley11 says:

    wow, now i can pretend to be a hobo with a stove!
    I LUV HOBOS!!!!!!!
    who wudent?
    I think hobos are cool.
    I will make this stove!

  19. jsmallwood2007 says:

    stick a roll of toilette paper in the same size can with no holes ,pour in some gasline antifreez (for all you snowmobilers out there)you have a very hot stove ,boils a kettle in less than 5 and burns clean if your in a survival situation…all your carrying extra in your pack is the can,which you can place the tp in to save room…use a coffee can with a cover and its reuseable saving fuel

  20. mechreports1 says:

    hey i like the wood gas stove you made better coz its just so much more efficient

  21. DeathToISLAM666 says:

    im from wexford

  22. PaintBallKid1996 says:

    well with atating that false opinion ok this sonds kinnda stupid its the year mt grandma died

  23. bowlie100 says:

    dude nice idea and btw where u from it sounds like ireland if ur from ireland i am too so virtual high five lol XDXD

  24. nicklesaj says:

    it’s a hobo stove…. it’s not like the fact that he’s a kid matters. I’d use this to save my life… and it’s “mere” child not mear..

  25. PaintBallKid1996 says:

    but other than that 5/5


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