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How to Find Clean Water in the Wilderness

With nice weather outside, day hikes could transform into meandering hours along various trails. It would be very easy to simply run out of drinking water this way. Who hasn’t forgotten to refill water bottles after taking breaks in the great outdoors? Although ponds and streams may be prevalent where you are, try not to get tempted as you will not know whether their water is safe enough to drink.

Water happens to follow shelter in wilderness survival. And, as long as you know what you are looking for, however, potable water would be available to you at any to find water in the wilderness

1. Grass Grazing
No matter where you are in North America, toxic grasses do not exist. Because of this, it would be possible to chew on grass blades to extract their moisture and simply spit out their pulp.

2. Life-Saving Grape Vines
If you know what grape vines look like, then you are definitely in luck. Liquid that can be obtained from cut vines are drinkable. Replant the cut vine afterwards, so roots can sprout from it.

3. Produce Solar Tree Branch Stills
If possible, wrap pieces of plastic (perhaps you brought plastic bags to hold your personal trail mix) all around green leaves that can be found on tree branches. The produced moisture that will come from condensation would be safe for you to drink.

4. Wipe Dews
If moisture or dew exists on plants that aren’t poisonous, wipe that particular moisture with cotton cloths to get yourself yet another safe water source.

Wiping dews and solar stills are primary reasons why people should always bring cotton bandanas and plastic bags along as parts of their pocket survival kits. Both of these techniques can provide you with drinkable water, no matter which location you are in with vegetation that isn’t poisonous.

The benefit of all of these techniques of collecting water is that there is no need to boil your obtained water. It would be a great idea to put these techniques to use, but make sure you practice them before pulling through with any of them.

There are various other ways that exist from which you can get drinking water; however, these may require some tools as well as some technique in order to actually succeed at getting the water.

Keep in mind never to eat snow during any survival situation. The human body easily loses moisture as it tries to melt snow, leading in even worse dehydration. Water should be added to the snow before it is drunk.

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  1. Great post! I was delighted to read that you DIDN’T mention building a solar still. While the technique is mentioned in most survival books, the fact is: Solar stills don’t work!


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