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How can i make a snare trap like on bear grylls born survivor?

I am not doing to use it to hunt i just think that it would be a cool useful thing to no how to do. Can somebody direct me to a video link or a website on how to make one.
He makes it outs of like a ring, some wire or string and some trees. Its pretty sweet. Thanks in advance
thanks but not a rabbit snare, a he like catches a deer with it, like a trip wire trap

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4 Responses to “How can i make a snare trap like on bear grylls born survivor?”

  1. Unknown Truth says:

    1. You probably can’t get something that is strong enough to snare a deer.
    2. Trapping deer is illegal.
    3. To trap anything you have to have a license
    4. Deer habits are not like that of a rabbit, you can’t just set a trap and hope to catch a deer. Their noses will smell the trap before they even come close. If your in a remote area, they may come close to investigate, but that’s about it.

    Now, snares work pretty much all the same way. It’s a slipknot with a loop, hanging on a game path. It’s simple to make, and easy. Just for informational purposes. Now if you’re in a survival situation, you’ll be much more successful setting snares for rabbits. Plus, how would you have the tools in such a situation. People, aren’t carrying a big huge bowie knife and fire starting kit in an airplane. It’s against the law, so that’s out. People who have this stuff in the car and have a wreck, well, they are going to stay by the car, by the road and wait for help. These “survival” shows are extremely unrealistic. If a case happens where your in a survival situation your going to have what is on your back. Most of the time, that means only your cloths.

  2. Chris says:

    He doesnt actually catch an reindeer , he tries and fails , so the natives caught one for him.

  3. evo741hpr3 says:

    bear grylls = FAIL


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