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Hardening A Knife Blank

A quick demonstration on how to forge harden a knife blank.

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25 Responses to “Hardening A Knife Blank”

  1. seanmulhall says:

    @Lycannwolf Its deffiantley the camera. I have other videos and it looks like Chris is waving a light saber around.

  2. Lycannwolf says:

    Your blade is looking like it might be a little to
    hot there. But that might just be the camera…

  3. ArtistBlade1972 says:

    @kavdeman No, the hardened areas will be gray. Also it is not a surface phenomenon the hardness is all the way through the thickness of the steel. The hardness will depend on the steel type used…

  4. kavdeman says:

    so, if the edge goes black, its the martensite on the surface and the steel is now hard??

    thats great advice right there, :) is it possible or advisable to repeat that process???

  5. pollux446 says:

    @seanmulhall I know dude i was just mocking Georgeolik

  6. seanmulhall says:

    Of course. Chris makes my knives and gave me his permission to use this video. You should always ask people featuring in them in videos first

  7. pollux446 says:

    @georgeolik Hey i also have a complaint about other people being put on youtube with out there permision can you go investigate those as well?

  8. sc00ny says:

    Sorry for the delay, it’s a propane bottle cut in half, lined with refactory concrete, set in steel mesh.
    A blower is connected to a heavy duty steel pipe which is drilled every inch.

    I run it on coke & charcoal & have just succeeded in my first forge weld using it.
    It’s not pretty, but it works very well.


  9. snooch1975 says:

    what kind of forge is this?

  10. abdula31 says:

    Haha you’re right, but it’s not true exactly. Thanks for saying that.

  11. sc00ny says:

    I had to re heat (temper) this blade after hardening, otherwise it would have been too brittle.

    Hardening should always be followed immediately by tempering.

  12. serialnumber1700 says:


  13. seanmulhall says:

    This is his channel but I believe he is opening up another channel dedicated to his knife making. Coming soon, but for now ‘sc00ny’.

  14. serialnumber1700 says:

    Whats his channel..?? Wouldnt mind watching some more of his videos.

  15. SkogKniv says:

    hahahhaha to fill that 1 gallon paint can with Olive oil cost me almost 30 dollars hahaha. Should last me a long time though. Yes a quench smells like fresh baked cookies haha.

  16. sc00ny says:

    Hehe, you rich American, I use 99p sunflower oil ! (smells cheap but works great) At least you’ll have dignified Grecian odours with yours (& a nice fast quench)

  17. SkogKniv says:

    That is what I use as well. Extra virgin Olive oil to be exact.

  18. thanson77 says:

    Yeah man get him some welder’s goggles and it’ll make his life WAY easier. Nothing too dark though.

  19. atomdongle says:

    cool thanks

  20. sc00ny says:

    Warm vegetable oil

  21. atomdongle says:

    hi sean, what oil is he using to quench the blade in?

  22. seanmulhall says:

    Yes of course. He has his own channel.

  23. georgeolik says:

    nice 1 , did you ask that guy if he wanted 2 go on youtube first?

  24. FriarTuck1961 says:

    Thanks Sean
    Regards to Chris also.

  25. youcornerstorecrooks says:



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