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Hand Drill Fire – Success 4

Hand drill fire by friction method. I used store-bought Cedar as the fireboard with a Horseweed spindle. I’ve had several successes using a Palm Tree branch as the fireboard so this is a first for me successfully using Cedar. For some reason, I’ve been having trouble using Palm lately. Three failures then I switched to Cedar on my 4th attempt and was successful. Weird! I’m still learnin’. I purposely left the video unedited as this is intended to show those who are interested in learning the hand drill another take on how it’s done.

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8 Responses to “Hand Drill Fire – Success 4”

  1. falsomknapper says:

    good job keep practicing next step finding fire board from the wild cotten wood,basswood,or willow,are very good with horse weed,or seem to have a good floating style though could not see. If so try a shorter drill and float the whole time. takes 4 lbs of floating,and 8 lbs of stop and go,to make a cool in the same amount of time.if you can keep 4 lbs and float the whole time your in buisness.

  2. gundog5 says:

    @Tegulicious I don’t know. I’ve never tried. I haven’t seen anyone else use a Cedar spindle. I think it could be possible, but not as easy as using a plant stalk spindle.

  3. Tegulicious says:

    Could you also use cedar for your drill, or only for your board?

  4. ROBwithaB says:

    It’s quite a workout sometimes.

  5. MrBudwv says:

    @gundog5 I don’t think I have horseweed in my woods. Thanks anyway.

  6. gundog5 says:

    @MrBudwv I used Cedar bought at Home Depot for the fireboard. I bought a 1.5″ by 3/4″ by 8′ piece of Cedar board for like $4.

    The spindle is made from a plant stalk called Horseweed. It’s a wild weed that grows out in the woods.

  7. MrBudwv says:

    What kind of wood are you using?


    Tha was darn good gundog.


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