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For Dave Canterbury (Part 1/7)

Thanks to everyone who helped and most of all, thank you Dave.

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13 Responses to “For Dave Canterbury (Part 1/7)”

  1. seanmulhall says:

    @seanmulhall I Know, still havent got my passport back. Good news about them running two Gatherings next year. It means I can come over in the spring and not have to wait to next August to meet you all.

  2. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @seanmulhall No worries Sean, it’s a shame we missed you at the Gathering.

  3. seanmulhall says:

    What a brilliant way of thanking Dave and the Pathfinder School for all they have done for us all. Thank you for taking the time out of your time at the gathering for making this video series.

  4. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @tekknorat I agree. Me and a few guys got the bow drill down without a lesson, we just recalled what the videos taught us and applied it.

  5. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @beast12101 Yep, he truly deserves it.

  6. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @ryanjd2006 I thank you for the help Ryan.

  7. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @woodcrafter76 I’ll say!

  8. TheBackyardBushman says:

    @murphalot13 Thanks bud.

  9. murphalot13 says:

    this was real great -murph

  10. woodcrafter76 says:

    The second guy sure is funny looking ;) -Critr’

  11. ryanjd2006 says:

    thanks for letting me be apart of this brother!!!

  12. beast12101 says:

    well done, its always good to see good people have great success

  13. tekknorat says:

    Very nice series. All the best to all these guys and Dave. People here (including me) have learned a lot from each other, it’s a great brotherhood. Great for some that can meet in real life, but there are a lot of fans… or better say, students… all around the globe who learned good stuff thanks to these videos.


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