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Feather Sticks

How to carve feather sticks

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25 Responses to “Feather Sticks”

  1. Survivemich says:

    Nice video!

  2. Survivemich says:


  3. Survivemich says:


  4. maveraver says:

    @relicright – Stewart Marsh Woodlore Clone

  5. relicright says:

    very nice. what kind of knife is that?

  6. osyr16 says:

    Thx !!!

  7. osyr16 says:

    Thx !!!

  8. maveraver says:

    @BushCraftBums – thanks mate

  9. BushCraftBums says:

    Nice one Kep great job !

  10. superdeath1997 says:

    thanks really nice vid

  11. maveraver says:

    it’s a piece of music i found on the interweb and thankfully it’s royalty free

  12. chrissept21 says:

    i really like the intro

    but is that jethrow tull?

  13. assassin616 says:

    where can i buy that knife from

  14. maveraver says:

    Thanks, on both counts

  15. bushcraftbartons says:

    Good job friend! Love your knife by the way!!! 5/5

  16. maveraver says:

    I struggled with this for ages and ages, then all of a sudden, it just happened and ive been able to make the feathers fairly consistantly, although even now i stuggle to make them some days though, more practice required i think ;-)

  17. maveraver says:

    Thanks David

  18. maveraver says:

    Great minds think alike i guess

  19. maveraver says:


  20. swanscot says:

    Good demonstration.

    I’ve been practising on the kindling I’ve collected in my woodstore and have found it’s not as easy as it looks. Some woods seem to flake more that others, but I’m gradually getting a few curls to remain on each stick! I’m keeping the finished feathersticks ready for when we light the Rayburn in the winter!.

  21. BushcraftOnFire says:

    Fine job Kep!!

    Thanks for a great video..

  22. canteencorner says:

    I just did the same video two days ago, i just haven’t posted it yet. Nice !

  23. 73mensailedoff says:

    Very nice video 5*

  24. Krynnr says:

    Very nicely done, everytime I try feather sticks I end up with kindling >;o/ 5/5

  25. maveraver says:

    Glad you approve Skog – lol, just givin’ it a try.


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