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Emergency Whistle – Popcan Survival Whistle

Justin Telford of NaturalBushcraft shows us how to make an emergency whistle out of trash. Using an old pop-can and a knife he forms a whistle much like a football/referee’s whistle. Lets face it, rubbish is scattered world-wild and if you were in a true survival situation this little handy tip could be crucial to you getting discovered and rescued.

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14 Responses to “Emergency Whistle – Popcan Survival Whistle”

  1. LockLoaded says:

    Agreed. Nice trick IF you can find a can. Try this in an Australian National Park, especially in a wilderness area. Most people who bother to trek in these areas respect them enough to take their rubbish with them, not leave it for ‘survivalists.’ First rule in National Parks is take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints. Besides, any survivalist worth their salt takes a whistle every time as part of a basic survival kit, kept on their person at all times.

  2. JustinBushcraft says:

    I’ve been ‘shown how’ by loads of different people, and at 40 years old, I still can’t whistle through my fingers lol. Like Ash says, what can it hurt to have the knowledge, it’s just another way to do things (and a good one to show kids to peak their interest in bushcraft) :)

  3. Krynnr says:

    Excellent!! 5/5 Thanks for sharing

  4. NaturalBushcraft says:

    I agree with you I think learning to whistle with your fingers is a very handy skill and would be important in a survival situation. But seeing as knowledge weighs nothing and trash is commonly found I would say this could be considered a handy skill if you were in a survival situation.

  5. TheRedHawk123 says:

    Nice trick.
    thanks for sharing

  6. whowantsabighug says:

    yeah but it rareley gets to minus 10 in south england

  7. thomas533 says:

    I think this is a neat bar trick but not really a good “survival” tip. It would be far more useful to learn to whistle through your fingers. No tools necessary, no pop can necessary, it can be done in the cold (try doing this fine metal work in -10° weather while your fingers freeze to the metal).

  8. Roboflux says:

    Nice little trick.

  9. wolfbrother2501 says:

    made one of these an hour ago lol! like to keep in practice cos not only are they good for survival but very impressive to drunk mates lol

  10. ColinOutdoors says:

    Very clever idea, thank you for sharing :-)

  11. ignium says:

    You guys look like you have a lot of fun out there. Great vid.

  12. SkogKniv says:

    Neat little trick, thanks for sharing! 5/5

  13. PusherHun says:


  14. cambigfoot88 says:



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