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Dual Survival – Swamped (part 1)

VIDEO PLAYLIST Cody and Dave head to the heart of the Louisiana bayou to take on a potentially deadly scenario: lost in a 1000 square mile labyrinth of water channels and bogs, home to 1.5 million alligators and six species of poisonous snakes — including water moccasins. To make it out, the two-man team are equipped only with what a lost boater might have, including a knife, flashlight, backpack, cords and the most valuable asset of all — the boat itself. In a swamp filled with predators, the vessel will create a vital barrier during the escape. But without enough gasoline to run the motor, Dave and Cody must improvise. Discovery Channel Dual Survival Link More About Dave Canterbury More About Cody Lundin FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law. dual survival, dual survivor, dave canterbury, cody lundin, discovery channel, survival, bushcraft, Pathfinder School, Aboriginal Living Skills School, wildernessoutfitters, wilderness outfitters, Self Reliance, Primitive Skills, Primitive Living, Woodsmanship, Historical Woodslore,

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25 Responses to “Dual Survival – Swamped (part 1)”

  1. iTeriyakid says:

    This show is really good, but these 2 guys argue like a married couple.

  2. possessed365 says:

    @dmbass313 Saying spelling doesn’t count is an illiterate man’s cop out. You fucking, ignorant piece of TRASH. “SPELLING DON’T COUNT!” “HURRR”. Talk about original screen names. Yours fits you quite well actually. Fucking mental midget.

  3. dmbass313 says:

    @possessed365 yeah i know its you’re, but its a fuckin comment on youtube, the spelling really doesnt matter,
    and thank you on the screename fucktard, real origiinal

  4. GRACIEBJJ1 says:

    I love this show, man woman wild, man vs. wild, survivorman. They are all real tough. I thought I was tough being a black belt and train in Jiu-Jitsu and kick boxing. I would pee myself in situations like this. Especially at night. Good job and good luck to all the shows.

  5. tsu4jesus says:

    This show is the absolute shiznit. Love it! Keep it going till the guys cannot get around without their walkers!

  6. Victory1981 says:

    Bear Grylls eventhough he was misleading his audience earlier is good. Dave and Cody are good(Dual Survival) Man, Woman, Wild are good.(Mykael and Ruth) Les Stroud is good as well. They all do somethings diffrently, but they know survival techniques.

  7. Victory1981 says:

    @bashoooo1 bear grylls makes it out because he eats blueberry pancakes at hotels:) Their all good and know survival techniques.

  8. TootieFrootiesClown says:

    Couldn’t they have just made a makeshift paddle or two and rowed out of the swamp?

  9. mrsvinarich26 says:

    chiggers in the feet would really hurt

  10. crampip says:

    Oh man i miss dave from wildernessoutfitters

  11. possessed365 says:

    I know “erors” was intentional.


    It’s YOU’RE*

    nice name though. Dumbass. Fitting.

  12. dmbass313 says:

    @possessed365 dude really, come on, it doesnt prove anything pointing out spelling erors, it just proves that your a tool

  13. Eradarus says:

    @aakashh That drag the ground when they walk brother. Any man who walks through the swamp barefoot… IS INSANE.

    That is practically suicide. He’s lucky he didn’t lose a foot.

  14. llamahamfat says:

    @possessed365 says the fat bitch behind his computer

  15. loriebrooke says:

    this is chuck norrisis garden

  16. aakashh says:

    @possessed365 the camera crew isnt gonna save you from a venomous bite

  17. gnarvids says:

    @possessed365 dude your an idiot it im not a a hick..
    you are fat get a life

  18. possessed365 says:

    That’s YOU’RE*. Learn to spell you illiterate redneck.

  19. gnarvids says:

    @possessed365 dont you talk shit about dave or cody they are awesome, your the faggot.
    Sitting there in your chair all fat and shit.
    Fuck you

  20. possessed365 says:

    It’s easy to have balls when you have a camera crew with you.


  21. thebrassmonkey100 says:

    @BigWheelaCatPeelaYea yea, i electracocksuckerd myself working on a helicocksucker!! get goin you son of a whore!! lol

  22. 15HeavyMetalHead333 says:

    cody reminds me of myself. haha

  23. calexanderbruff says:

    @aakashh YUP!!!!!!

  24. foolien2 says:


  25. 00CactusJack says:

    lol i`m pretty sure Dave dyes his moustache


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