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Dual Survival – Strip the Car | Desert Breakdown

Two men with completely different styles of survival skills. Can they survive together? Dont miss the ALL NEW series, Dual Survival, Friday at 10 PM e/p, only on Discovery! For more Dual Survival, check out: Dave and Cody strip their car for everything that may help them survive in the desert.

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25 Responses to “Dual Survival – Strip the Car | Desert Breakdown”

  1. JTPNYC95 says:

    This show rocks!!!!

  2. 1stNightingale says:

    @Shadowmov3r EXACTLY

  3. Shadowmov3r says:

    @1stNightingale instant shelter ey?

  4. robiniroven says:

    why not get the car going and drive home lol :P

  5. Omniflaredragon says:


  6. 1stNightingale says:

    @Kotze07 lol this is if the car cant be drivin. but what about using to protect yourself and sleep in or store things its far more useful than they say.

  7. zomgzombiezz says:

    dual survival!

  8. Pellegrino80 says:

    Now I know who destroyed my car!

  9. SilentAlien55 says:

    get lost in desert buy a machine gun dont destroy your car….

  10. Steaphany says:

    @Kotze07 – But then you would not have a TV show

  11. TheRuthlessGamer says:

    @DualSurvival Probably a better idea indeed.

  12. DualSurvival says:

    @Bergshauptman Don’t worry all the parts they stripped off that vee-dub can be replaced for like a $100 and besides volkswagens are like lego cars…everything comes apart and goes back together super easy. That’s probably why they chose to feature a car like that in this episode.

  13. DualSurvival says:

    @CmGHaures I’ve uploaded them

  14. DualSurvival says:

    @TheRuthlessGamer How about start a fire with the battery and a few wires…then burn the spare tire to attract attention.

  15. attack7672 says:

    This is funny

  16. Kotze07 says:

    @XDHardstylerXD Didn’t you wonder how the car even got there? In common situations the car stands near by a street shouldn’t it. so why not wait there for another one to come

  17. XDHardstylerXD says:

    @Kotze07 no fual?

  18. bones9088 says:


  19. unclesoflaugh says:

    are we supposed to remember this stuff?

  20. FixedByDoc says:

    @StringsCrusader i hav been on roads in the desert where i hav gone 3-4 days without seeing another car or person. by then you could be dead from the heat if you dont have water.

  21. FixedByDoc says:

    @Kotze07 the point was that it was broken down.

  22. RinoaHatake says:

    Well, there’s your first mistake right there! What made you think a Beetle was the right car to drive to the middle of the desert?

  23. Bergshauptman says:

    my heart hurts to see they’re stripping a beetle. bring a roll of gaffa tape and you can fix ANYTHING!

  24. leo1337hs says:

    you could just stay home… watch a little tv call some friends over. good times and you don’t have to eat bugs and drink piss.

  25. invitationofchaos says:

    i have a 2009 lesabre, i’d rather piss glass


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